Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sprinklers and Sewing adventures...

Yesterday I jerry-rigged a sprinkler for E. We don't actually have a fun little rotating sprinkler head because this yard and are previous yard are/were MASSIVE and basically not worth watering. So.... enter sprayer on porch rail plus electric cord (not plugged in) to anchor... BAM sprinkler. The boys up the street have a sprinkler so maybe we can race up there today but I hate to intrude in their play every day... E would not mind. They have cooler outside toys you know.

Oh and in other jerry-rigging insanity. I have it in my mind that I am going to sew E and R a dress or two this summer. Yes please keep the giggles to a minimum. So basically there are a bunch of Facebook groups or Esty pages that have super cute dresses like this. Well these super cute dresses are in the $40 range. So $80 for two... errrr... negative ghost rider. Well fortunately I have some uber crafty office mates. Did I mention I have a great job and work with some pretty great gals ? The guys are okay too I guess : ) 

Well last night one of my partners in crime and I ventured to get a pattern, fabric, backing, thread and appliqués... Most of the appliques were not even remotely large enough like these so we settled for a few smaller ones. I also wanted a bright green  fabric but we could not find a really great one... so we got something else.

ANYWAYS... next week there will be a D-Day and we will convene for dress making. I will keep you updated. HOWEVER if anyone has any advice about large appliques let me a comment. I know most appliques are just programed into the sewing machine but I clearly am not ready for such things. Any place to get a sew on large appliqué?

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