Monday, April 8, 2013

A week in iPhone pics

Sorry I have been a bit MIA...

Last Tuesday kicked off the pool season and E was there to supervise


School was out for Spring Break! AHHHHH!!!! My beloved schedule... Fortunately had a babysitter come to the house for the week. I perpetuated the madness by going to see Papa and the digger at lunch time. R fell asleep in the car. Then we had lunch with Papa which was a real treat! Totally worth the unscheduled madness

Then off to Wilson (why did we not move there again) to visit a Lamaze buddy and check out an awesome park and eat dinner. Dinner is much less stressful when someone else is there to talk to you. I had this pleasurable experience Wednesday (more on that in a different post)

Anyway the Wilson park was awesome and the weather was just a great!

Later in the week I pulled a ton of weeds in the yard. R helped/discovered dirt and just how fun it can be.

Mini hole. Courtesy of R

E was way interested in coloring her Easter egg. Those tights have still not recovered.
E did this thing last week where she took F-O-R-E-V-E-R to eat. One dinner time she was in her seat for an hour because she wanted to earn her dessert. One this occasion she was eating Nerds - one at a time!

This morning... reading and rosary and beads...

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