Monday, April 8, 2013

Recent Ponderings...

1. I have a profound respect for E's 2 yr old teachers... Today's practice with 3 yr olds was pretty comical. I think before the end of practice every kid has stood in the goal and started gnawing on the net... Excellent

2. The Fireflies uniforms are super cute. I wonder how next week's game will play out. Now onto searching out end of season trophies.

3. I have it in my head that I am going to sew E and R a dress (or two). Seriously there are some way cute A-Line dresses with appliques that I have seen on FB that are $40! Hello... for two girls that is $80... Not going to happen. Kriss and Nani have my back and we are going to get crafty/domestic!

4. Speaking of crafty... Papa's stocking. Seriously this pattern has 1000000 quarter stitches which is a major problem on really tight/new cloth... problems.

5. Why does our front yard have so many weeds? Because I find pulling weeds therapeutic? Yeah I know its weird.

6. Father-daughter dances that involve 2 yr old girls should be banned. Seriously. Such unnecessary, un-controlable waterworks is so crazy!!! E ADORES her Papa... and to see them together... ahhhh my heart melts down into nothing. All the unnecessary frustration with her/the girls makes it all 1000 times worth it to see them together. I think when E and R actually do get married I am not going to be able to be at the reception while that dance is going on : )

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