Friday, April 26, 2013

7 QTs

--- 1 ---
"If you were looking for some sort of Casanova, Chicky, you found the wrong guy" - quote of the year : ) 

--- 2 ---
I probably should give a bit of background to said previous quote... One of the 2.5 shows that Lee and I watch together is 19 Kids and Counting... Next week the parents are giving a marriage retreat or something and then Lee and I decided we should do marriage retreats - because you know we've been married for almost 5 years now and have tons of life experience, right? Yeah I think our retreating days will have to wait for at least another 5 years... But all future time without kids we are dubbing 'Marriage Retreats' : )
--- 3 ---
So we had a little 'Marriage Retreat' earlier this week courtesy of On the Square in Tarboro made possible by Jibbe. Let's here it for the grandparents. It was a dinner meal wine tasting. We were seated with three doctors and their wives - who were super nice. The food was good - not great. There was ENTIRELY too much food and the dessert - which did not have any chocolate associated with it whatsoever - was Banana Pudding and the bananas were not ripe aka green. Don't get me wrong the food was tasty just a bit on the heavy side for me - Lee does not agree with my assessment of said food. Now the winemaker was AWESOME Mac McDonald of Vision Cellars. Oh my goodness. He has a great story and came in overalls. One of the topics of conversation with the people at the table was babysitting/helping out with grandkids. One woman said that she loves going to watch her grandkids and that she comes home super tired... I told her  "Thank the Lord for grandparents and everything you do!" - Ain't that the truth...

--- 4 ---
Tomorrow the girls and I are heading up and out to pick strawberries. Lee is convinced they are not ready yet... We'll see how R will fair without being able to walk. I envision crawling through the strawberries and crushing all that is in her path : ) Pics to follow... I promise!

--- 5 ---
Me - Did you have a nice sleep
E - Yes. Did you have any dreams?
Me - Yes. I dreamed about Nani. Did you have any dreams?
E - I dreamed about R. Did R have any dreams?
Me - I don't know you will have to ask her.
E - Papa dreamed about the pigs

{I have NO idea where she gets these things}

--- 6 ---
E - Do we have a hop-o-lin?
Me - What is that?
E - When you jump
Me - You mean a trampoline?

--- 7 ---
R is still not walking... yet. This kid WILL walk!

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  1. Love all of Es quotes! My 3 year old calls it a jumpaline! Strawberry picking sounds fun! Did you guys grow your own?


    1. Haha thanks! Seriously she cracks me up! We live with 10 miles of about 7 strawberry patches so we are going to one of them. We don't grow our own and we actually don't have a garden either. At our old house we had a great backyard - really open and lots of sun - my husband and mother in law had a massive garden. Our backyard now is full of trees and shade so we'll be hitting up the farmers market for some summer veggies instead! Do you grow any fruits or veggies?

  2. My husband is quite the gardener. I personally have killed my fair share of house plants.... He grows as many veggies as he can twice a year but we live in Arizona so he's quite limited on what and when.
    I would live to take the girls strawberry picking. Maybe we will look into that when we visit our families back in the midwest!