Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fireflies Roll...

To first we-don't-keep-score victory (but coaches can in their heads, right?)...
Game Face

Excited about the game

I know you all have been overly interested in the Fireflies most recent (and only contest). Let just say the Fireflies totally rocked out the Sharks out of the water! Well we did not really play by the exact rules/guidelines... We played everyone on the field so we had 5 and they had 6. We also did not stop at the allotted whistles to take a break because how do you stop 3 yr olds soccer action? Well you don't...

Seriously... seriously way proud of those kiddos. I think everyone on the team scored a goal except E who was content in her pointing and looking and me picking her up and running her closer to the ball. Some of the kids were way into though : ) Did I mention is the glaringly obviously she is not quite 3? Anyway E thought it was fantastic... and Papa and Jibbe and R were there to cheer her on. 

Also I think one of the kids favorite parts of soccer is going into a circle and shouting... one, two, three FIREFLIES! I think we must have done that 4 or 5 times in a 45 minute span... Whatever it takes but today the fireflies got the job done!

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