Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Afternoon Madness : ) During Holy Week - a few weeks late but better late than never and there is a connection!

We've had some highs and lows over the past two afternoons so enjoy...

Tuesday afternoon we had a playdate... I cut off naps 30 mins early. Generally not the best idea but you know. We get over for play time (fortunately not at our house because I like playing outside at our house inside is loud and stressful... but I will give in and host playdates.... fear not) and E is not totally out of the nap zone. Anyways she warms up. R eats a few rice cakes. Screams from the big girls... general toddler bickering silly stuff. Little sisters hit the floors. Big sisters decide to jump from the window sills upstairs. No one injured. Jumping stops.

Then my mama friend/playdate partner in crime says yall should stay for dinner. Both papas were working through dinner... Who likes dinner time solo Mama? Not these mamas. Ahhhh glorious idea. We have decided we'll be having these dinner times at least once a week. Seriously. Next time bringing pajamas for bath time.

Mama happy. Big sisters happy. Little sisters happy. Dinner. Clean up. Give E her '5 minutes'. She and J are too quiet for comfort upstairs and the kitchen mess was in relevantly good shape so it turns out they were 'conditioning' their hair with lotion. NICE. Fortunately E has much less in her hair than J. Too great of an evening to get upset.

These are from before the lotion...

Have a tearful load up but with the promise of playing and dining at our house. Did I mention this was awesome. Girls played. Moms talked. Everyone ate. Can you ask for much more? Oh and we were not that horribly off on the bedtimes? Pretty darn great.

Get home. Girls in bed. Go to Nani's. More mama talking. I am so glad that Nani and I live 2.5 secs apart instead of 20 minutes... Seriously it was bad before.

Flash forward to Wednesday afternoon... Presanctified with Anointing. Leave time 1 hr into naptime. Try and whisk the girls from naps to car and magically not wake them up... Emmmm... that did not really go as planned and neither when back to sleep.

As we are getting on the highway it sets in... E shoes were forgotten. AGH! E does not freak out about anything, right? Papa said to just let her wear socks. Yeah okay. Well when E came to her senses and realized we were going to church she said, "You have my shoes"... "No E we forgot them" Insert lip quivering, tear-fest with screams.

After dropping Papa off at church and Googling the closest shoe store - thank you smartphones - we traipsed over to the closest shopping center. Dear Cary... you are confusing and traffic patterns stink... Grab E. Grab R carry both in. Find clearance section. Not so clearance prices! Okay E loves Crocs and legitimately is growing out of her current pair slash she is wearing them out by scraping them while riding her little cycle.

Well it took some thinking to decide on the Crocs (wish I had the Target knock offs) R had unloaded my wallet that I gave her so stacks and stacks of shoes would not be destroyed. Argue with E over the color of Crocs. Quickly proceed to checkout. Crocs on so I don't have to carry E. Look out door. Note that both side doors of the van are wide open. NICE.

Run to car hoping that none of the good citizens of Cary took the two smartphones that were in the car. Breath sigh of relief.

Get to church 5 minutes late thanks to the crazy Cary traffic patterns but hey I could have bigger problems right?

Happy Holy Week.


So that was a post from Holy Week clearly which who knows why I actually didn't post it... But we had another playdate turned dinner date at our house today. The big girls ran through sprinklers and the little girls watched from the sidelines in the little red car.

Evenings like these are way less stressful. I mean I actually cooked a meal - well kinda because I had to... It was was easy... Tacos + cheese + lettuce + salsa + tomatoes + olives + hot sauce + pinto beans. It was quite empowering. You know... I could actually do this making dinner thing (and should) and plan our meals every week so that when we come home in the afternoon I don't decide then... I even didn't forget anything... it took two trips to the grocery store (first time I managed to write down EVERYTHING for tacos... except tacos shells were mysteriously not on the list). AND most satisfying of all things... Lee ate some when he got home. S-H-O-C-K-I-N-G... I know. Anyways, so we got the girls cleaned up the laundry sink - yeah I have a sweet laundry room - and the girls messed around in the play kitchen and made a 'disaster area' according to E. Finally got them to sit for a hot minute. Water cups went flying. R started melting down. The big girls played dress up princesses. But you know what, not STRESSFUL. It was kind of like okay whatever it will get cleaned but we are going to eat and sit and talk while the kids do their kid thing and everything will be okay.

Cannot even tell you how much I need a neighbor who I can do this with once a week. It is nice on the flipside too because you load up the kids and get home and it does not have dinner mess to clean up. But even I did not have too much dinner mess to clean up because it was a joint clean up effort. Was the house spotless? No. Was it spotless to start? Ehhh... do you know me? Do I really care if my house is spotless on most evenings? Haha...

Will my house be spotless for E's party in a few weeks? Yes. Has a date been set? Negative ghostwriter... Does it looking like we are punting on the playset for this year? Yep. Am I okay with it? Yes sir. Is E okay with it? She never knew we were thinking about one...

Happy Wednesday night!!!

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