Friday, May 24, 2013

7 QTs... The start of summer

--- 1 ---

{I think I am going to try and start dedicating the first of the QTs to Papa aka 'the main boss' (according to E) because I think somethings he says are hilarious and it is even better when we discuss why I am quoting him on the blog... Enjoy}

Lee - Is it bath night?
Me - No, we did baths last night
Lee - Oh good because bath nights stress me out
Me - {????} What? You don't even do anything when its bath night. You stay as far away from the bathtub and post-bath process as possible
Lee - I know but it's stressful Chicky, okay?


{He will comb and dry hair when asked. And I really do like having him home on bath nights because that means the kitchen is 100% cleaned up once baths are finished; but really last time I checked kitchen cleaning is not stressful : ) }
--- 2 ---
How about our hard drive with EVERY SINGLE PIC EVER decided to not power up over the weekend... This happens to be a major problem and gives me heart palpitations. Well the Bill Nye the computer guy was able to replace the board for a mere $60 but no firewire cable SO... All is well but I think we'll be getting some sort of offsite Cloud thing. Suggestions?

--- 3 ---
Ahhhh!!!! This was the last week of 2 yr-old class... Crazy to think E has been doing preschool for 9 months.

First Day

Last Day

--- 4 ---
I'll miss all the art and cute little projects. She had heard little spring program/concert thing. And you know what... I didn't even cry! 

This the shirt they made for their end of year program. I'll post a few pics from my real camera soon...ish

--- 5 ---
R survived the her 15 month check up. I was pretty darn horrified by our 2 pm appointment PLUS E would have to come with us. BUT fortunately some amazingly awesome friend who we by chance ran into on the way out of getting R at MMO said E could hang with her girls? Are you kidding during rest time? Of course scrap the nap but our afternoons are dicey without naps but I could not resist. We loaded up the carseat (and got three full sized seats across in a Sienna - I was shocked) and R and I got to the doctor 30 minutes early and we were out in less than 50 min. THE LEAST PAINFUL DR EXPERIENCE E-V-E-R! So props to my friend - please don't move to Raleigh!!!!!! I owe you big time and our kids are BFFs. And I did not mind one bit driving back into the monsoon that was hitting the Mount this afternoon after I discover your iPhone in my van when I pulled into my driveway - I would do it over and over again if it meant going alone with R to the doctor again. Ahhhh... friends!!!

Hello post-nap crazy hair!
--- 6 ---
Kinda not thrilled we are going to be off our regularly scheduled program next week. I love my schedule and my times and my semi-organized-ness. Speaking of organized, Lee had some one clean the van the other day. Yeah I am pretty much afraid of putting anything in it that does not belong and won't come out in the next trip in the house. I took an entire laundry basket full of junk out of that thing and I know there will be words if the state of order and cleanliness does not stick around for at least a week or so

--- 7 ---

Seems like the last several weeks have been dedicated to R's walking/non-walking. Well she took about 2-3 steps on her own this week. Which is awesome but she does not seem interested in repeat performances. Though the doctor told me today that 2-3 steps totally counted as walking... Ehm... not in my book, sir. I think she is way annoyed with our crossing the parking lot walk workouts. Child, you WILL WALK before you are a big sister : )

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  1. Hey girl!
    Adorable preschool pictures!!

    About those dresses you asked about, I do let them wear smocked dresses on a typical day. I buy them ALL used at consignment or ebay so I don't have quite as much invested in them as some, but I, of course, still want them in good condition to pass to their sisters or sell back in the future. If I know they will be painting at school or if we are just going to the park I don't put them in it. But I have seemed to get most other stains out. Permanent marker is tricky, as I have a few things that I can't get that out of :( Wish I had some tips for you. Oxi-clean seems to get out most of my other stains, especially if I soak it.
    I also do not iron their dresses. I know some moms who do (more power to them...but around here, ain't nobody got time for that). A dress is a dress and unless we are getting family pictures taken or they are going to a wedding or something, I don't worry too much :)
    For my non-walkers, I have also realized that smocked bubbles are far more practical than the dresses. It's no fun to watch Lucy tripping over herself everytime she moves her knee in a dress.

    Take care and happy Friday!!

    1. Thanks for the tips. I know the pen was not permanent but it was an ink pen. I'll have to try the Oxi-clean tip. Have you had much luck on eBay for dresses? I usually go a great consignment store in Wilson - but their smocked dress selection has been pretty hit or miss.