Wednesday, May 15, 2013

R's Teething Extravaganza

R is going through some insane teething this week. She is getting a tooth in on the bottom and two on the top and I am guessing she'll be getting another two on the top really soon. Due to this teething she goes into this screaming fits of tears and inconsolable thrashes. Usually they last about 5-10 minutes but it is really unnerving and I feel basically helpless because she does not want to be held, does not want her NiNi, does not want anything. I have to let her get it out and then she is somewhat back to normal. I have been giving her pain reliever but those last 2 hours between doses is ROUGH.

So R is getting the orange tooth and the tooth next to is on one side. One the bottom she is getting one of the front four teeth but does not have those bottom back teeth yet... but maybe I should check on those ones too!

Pretty much ready for this teething thing to end so I don't resort to putting R in her crib and letting her scream. I only did that once but SERIOUSLY my mind goes back to everything they tell you about purple crying... Put the baby down and walk away and recollect yourself and then deal with the situation. Yesterday was not that bad probably because we were outside and the screams were not reverberating through the walls of the house.

I also think R frustrated by the fact she is not walking yet so that coupled with the teething is driving her crazy. She now will stand for 10-20 seconds without holding onto anything. Still no steps yet. Hopefully when she does get the courage she will take off running.

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