Saturday, May 25, 2013

I need to remember this...

You must suffer in order to experience grace.

Not sure how much of a direct quote that was as it is from last Sunday's homily. I have been meaning to write it down because I really want to remember it. It was especially fitting to hear that at church where R has been putting me and the rest of the congregation through some pretty intense screaming fits which result in us getting (voluntarily) exiled to the Narthex. Those moments of suffering can be especially grace-filled if and only if I am in the right frame of mind. Some weeks I cheerfully sit through the screams and tears and other weeks I am STRESSED OUT of my mind and wonder how the heck wrangling three kids is going to be. But then I remember line one of this post. (and then I think about Job and realize my little screamer is nothing compared to good old Job)

Not meant to complain. I know many other people suffer in much more trying and difficult ways than I. And I have actually had a pretty darn good week. Hope you have!

Hopefully tomorrows liturgical antics will be kept to a minimum : )

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