Friday, May 17, 2013

7 QTs - Not as many pics edition

--- 1 ---

"Chicky, why am I finding out that our daughter is getting three teeth on our, your blog?!?!?" {Thank you pool season for sending my hubby out around 6:15 am and get home well after 7 multiple times this week}
--- 2 ---

This Friday is alot less action packed than the last. Really glad to not be hosting 15+ people for a birthday party. E had such a great bday but seriously I ran around for 3 hours trying to clean up and clean up and clean up. Found out we have some insanely large black ants on our back patio. E and her friend had a blast in the backyard. Can't wait for the grass to be completely filled in from where Lee leveled the backyard. The girls started off by taking off their shoes (E's idea) playing in the sandboxes, doing chalk on the brick, then they proceeded to collect 'rocks' aka massive chunks of dirt. Thankful for for our laundry sink!

--- 3 ---

Today we are going over to our friends house who could not make it to the party (not sure if we actually could have handled more people because the patio was at capacity. The girls are making their own pizzas. Not my idea, but its not my house so more power to the mama!

--- 4 ---

Our neighbors/friends up the street/the boys mama found out that they are having a GIRL! Which I think is completely fabulous because those boys are so boy that they need a little sister to keep them in line. Kinda making me reconsider wanting this baby to be a boy. Kinda. I mean these kids are going to be 2 weeks apart so if we had a girl too they would definitely be super amazing friends. BUT my vote is still boy. Not like my vote counts because there's no going back. PLUS I LOVE the boy name we have picked; the girl name has not completely grown on me yet and I am still trying to figure out how we came up with it exactly.

--- 5 ---

We have an action packed tomorrow complete with bday party and BBQ. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and not destroy well laid plans. 

--- 6 ---
I have some questions for your 3+ kid moms out there I already have some good info from these blogs i stalk (Colleen, Martha, Grace)... Sleeping arrangements, car arrangements, naptime arrangements. I'll be getting into those next week along with that crazy name list courtesy of my sister-in-law... 

--- 7 ---

Still not walking yet.... 

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