Monday, May 13, 2013

Mothers Day

Mothers Day was definitely a treat this year. Saturday we did the girls footprints before going to my parents house for dinner. Lee is not super into the footprints - well - he like them in theory and once they are done but the process he is not a fan of. The girls were awesome. R was great with her goldfish and sat with Lee the whole time. E made me nervous walking around the pottery and paint but all my nerves were for nought. I'll post some pics of them when we get them back.

Anyway, dinner at my parents was excellent as usual - with a killer dessert. Maybe one day I'll bake like my mom - one day. E and R got to see Uncle Kevin which was a treat. I started crashing as soon as we got there so I was not really helpful. Grandpa Joe and I took E on a walk which was nice. Lee really came through on the Mothers Day present for my mom - a windchime. Apparently she had been looking at them and they must have been on the same wavelength.

R had some insane antics at church the next morning. Like the flailing, screaming, banging the floor kind. Not just with me but with multiple people - I did not make the helpers (except Papa) suffer through too much though. Seriously this kid was not hungry (we had eaten about 1.5 hours before the 1 hr long tantrum), not a dirty diaper... well then during once flailing incident I noticed she has a tooth coming in way in the back - like 2 yr old molar back. Maybe that was her problem? Maybe it was her cough? I'm not sure but for real.... makes me wonder what 3 is going to look like. I know she'll be better by then BUT still...

Anyway, stayed after church for a bite to eat then headed home. I sat outside in the BEAUTIFUL weather in my new Mothers Day rocking chair (way to go Papa) and watching/refereed the girls in the front yard. It was glorious. Made me super grateful for everything/everyone I have been given.

Next up after lunch. Naptime for the girls - me included - while Papa went to the grocery store. Again, 5 star experience. E woke up from her nap with a wicked attitude. It was quite a fitful day between the two girls... they happen and I try not to get too upset/annoyed. Then it was time for dinner with Lee's mom and brother. Lee knocked it out of the park with steaks and potatoes and corn and salad. Grill-Master I tell you! At last E told me Happy Mothers Day - Lee had been trying to get her to say it 8 am... pretty much made my life. Finally all the child creatures were sleeping and Lee and I patronized the new rockers and ate leftover birthday cake and ice cream.

Overall A+ (minus the teary eyed girls)... I got some stepping up to do for Fathers Day. I know we'll have steaks over at my parents because I am 150% sure that will be my dad's (and Lee's request). I also have some good gift ideas floating around so I'm ready.

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