Tuesday, May 21, 2013

To Rear Face or to Forward Face... That is the Question

Okay I know there are varying schools of thought regarding the rear/forward facing of carseats for kiddos between the ages of 12-24 months. The recommendation/standard is that kids get turned around at the age of 2 but there are a number of people I know who will turn kids around close to their first birthdays or a few months after - which is totally fine, simply an observation of mine.

E's carseat was turned when she was about 18 months. We installed the infant car carrier and it just seemed like a good time. I am thinking that we'll turn R around when we move the big girls to the third row of the van sometime around the month of September - she'll be about the same age as E. R is much heavier than E so I think if I wanted to turn her any day I could. I simply cannot find a compelling reason to turn or not turn her. Since she is not miserable rear facing I figure keep her that way, you know? 

We don't have a TV in the van so its not like she knows that she is missing out on something. She can be a bit cumbersome trying to load her when she is screaming or kicking but that is not the norm. 

I'm open to thoughts/suggestions here. It seems to me that every other day there are new carseat standards - 2.5 years ago kids were turned at the age of 1 or 20 lbs or something like that. Now you're not supposed to use the LATCH clips if your child is over 30 lbs because of something... I appreciate the recommendations and new information but by some states standard of having a kid sit in a booster seat until they are 100 lbs - there are adults I know that belong in boosters!!!


  1. My son will be 3 in July and still rear-facing. He isn't close to the height or weight limits on his car seat. We intend to keep him rear-facing as long as he is within recommended limits because rear facing is safest.

    1. Hmmm... interesting you are at the opposite end of the spectrum of carseat turners; which is totally understandable. Aren't his legs smushed/uncomfortable up against the back of the seat? I am definitely all about safety especially with all the morons on the road who text/talk/eat and drive!

    2. His legs are bent, but as you mentioned for your little one, he doesn't know any different. He routinely rides a few hours that way (to visit my in-laws) and has never complained. Unless he drops his snack, but that's a different story... ;-)

  2. We also just turned around our three year old two weeks ago. If you read the studies from overseas where they keep them turned around they have better statistics than here. Our 15 month will stay backwards for awhile.