Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes - iPhone pics Edition

--- 1 ---

My kids sleep in the craziest positions... E-V-E-R

--- 2 ---

I think I forgot to mention last week is that within the last two weeks R has been able to articulate Ba-Bee. It is so insanely cute and extremely timely!

--- 3 ---

R's first self iPhone portrait. Be impressed

--- 4 ---

Have I told you that E absolutely adores here Papa? Well we saw him driving in his big truck down the street while we were on our walk. Of course E wanted to see her Papa and she even got to take a ride for 50 yards in the big truck. She thought it was awesome : )

--- 5 ---

This is totally me. I really don't like having my pic taken and definitely didn't in high school. This is E at our company lunch a few Fridays ago. Both E and R did well. Of course we survived this with garlic bread and an untimely trip to the potty but I was happy with behaviors. E made a new BFF. THe woman sitting next to her A. Shared her pasta B. Wiped off the 'dirt' (seasoning C. Loaded each piece down with parm just for E to eat. 

--- 6 ---
Strawberry patch kids!

E totally got the 'only pick the red ones' and to not eat any. R managed not to eat any. Her friend/partner in crime definitely devoured her fair share. Good thing the strawberry patch lady was not too concerned : ) 

--- 7 ---

Oh and today is E's 3rd bday?!?!?! Not going to get really sappy this year - like I did last year. We have waffles this morning, cookies and juice boxes for snack, and a party tonight and FINALLY the weather is going to be decent. Bring on Ariel!

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