Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Five Favs… 5 Best Baby Brands

Since everyone and their mother is pregnant and due in June, I'm feeling a bit left out (not); If I had to register for 5 new baby items for a baby shower these are my picks… {I'm not getting compensated by anyone to recommend these so these are straight up legit : ) } (Smiley faces in italics look silly, don't they?)

1. Baby Trend Carseat

Please note the handle after looking a the cute sleeping bebe

The handle on this carseat is what makes it awesome. The triangular handle on the BabyTrend makes it super easy to grip in three ways. Most other carseats you can only hold with one grip. This has been a keeper at our casa.

2. Britax Convertible Carseat

Yes it looks like R is sitting in an easy chair but I promise it is a Britax

Britax carseats are definitely in the more expensive range of convertible carseats. However, Britax carseats are some of the safest carseats around - from what I understand. Why not register for one and if people want to go in on a big gift for you, you will have it. If you don't get it then - no big deal because you won't need it for 6-9 months anyways. 

3. My BrestFriend Nursing Pillow


I really really really like this nursing pillow over the boppy. The My BrestFriend nursing pillow is super firm which is found for squirmy newborns. There is also a clip so you can position it around you before nursing. This has been toted along to the hospital with us each time. 

4. Lands End Medium Zip Tote

I am not into tradition diaper bags. There are too many pockets for things to get lost in. The Lands End tote is awesome if you are looking for bag with a bit of organizing pockets (that don't zip) and one large zip top to seal everything in.

5. Bravado Nursing Tank Top

I LIVE in nursing tank tops. Why? Because I don't have to worry about exposing my {unsightly} lower torso every time I am nursing around other people - work, church etc. So nursing tanks are essential. I did not 'find' / get recommended the Bravado brand until M was almost here. I had a few tanks from Target that worked well but the fabric did not hold up super well after 2 kids. Bravados are on the slightly pricey side but if you are nursing do yourself a favor and spend the extra 10 bucks on yourself. Think about all the $$$ you are saving by nursing and then ten bucks seems like nothing.

Anything else I am missing here? What baby item can you not live without?

Anyone given the MamaRoo a whirl? They look pretty darn fantastic but I don't have one.

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  1. Ditto on the Britax and the Bravado! They are must haves!

    1. I cannot say how great Bravados are after not using them! My SIL hooked me on Britax before #1 was born so I have zero experience with the trials of other convertible carseats!