Friday, February 28, 2014

7 QTs - Cranking out another post because I promised I would

Post 5 of 7 of the week...

--- 1 ---

Boxing baby! 

M has been enjoying the Bumbo seat these days. Still not sure about sitting up by herself but she sure loves being vertical these days. 

--- 2 ---

Yes my hubby made this and it was infinitely better than anything from a restaurant. 

--- 3 ---

R Potty Training Update

R is still interested in going to the potty. This week I started letting her wear PullUps to school - let's not discuss the expense of those glorified diapers. I allot one per day. One morning this week I was feeling extra lucky and let her wear undies until we left for school. Timer goes off to go upstairs and pray and bam realize (via my sense of smell) that I had made HORRIBLE decision. AWESOME. Note to self don't do that again. Two days after that little Miss PullUp decided to do the same thing EXCEPT the PullUp had me covered. Unfortunately for R I allot one PullUp a day and so she was diaper-fied for the rest of the day. Moral of the story… Starting my day with a dirty undies/PullUp/diaper really stinks.

--- 4 ---

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a…

Pig tails anyone? E requested pigtail braids and of course R had to have pig tails too. However braided pigtails take a really long time in the morning as we rush to get out the door. Some days we have more time than others. This morning R fought me on the hair brushing and we were running last so a non-brushed ponytail was in order. No complaints all around. 

--- 5 ---

Oh warm weather where art thou? 

My limit was 65 degrees to go outside but I've lowered it to about 60 degrees. Mama needs some spring time weather ASAP.

--- 6 ---

Yep hubs did this lasagna. It was as excellent as it looks. Lenten menu is on tap for the next really long time few weeks so… you know. 

--- 7 ---
Just so Papa does not feel left out. 

Glad he's here to bounce all my crazy ideas off of. Anyone have thoughts on our Catholic schooling conundrum from Thursday

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