Monday, February 24, 2014

Blog Fail

Just to set the record straight here… the blog is in fact NOT broken. I/we have just been INSANE in the membrane busy. 

Here's my pitiful litany of excuses for leaving you all sans posts for a week:

1. Papa got back from California- whew. Praise the Lord. 
2. Papa had to make 1000000 cabbage rolls for a church fundraiser - yeah we do a lot of them
3. Last week was just downright busy at work. Don't ask me why but it just was
4. Due to the busy-ness I opted to work on Papa stocking in my moments of spare time
5. The latter part of the week was spent on a family trip
6. The former part of the week was spent packing for aforementioned trip - or at least thinking about packing for it
7. It was family trip so I did not turn on my computer

Here's my litany of fantastic blog posts that will warm your hearts:

1. Pics from the family trip
2. Why you should NEVER EVER drive more than two hours with kids during the day time
3. Papa finished a 1500 page book - yes he believes he is entitled to his own post about it but I told him that he should hack the blog and do it himself but he won't so I guess I'll have to do it
4. R survived her 2 yr appointment and they did not call Social Services on us
5. Will the Postmaster delivery this envelope?
6. Saint Mail

Stay tuned for the action 

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