Friday, February 7, 2014

7 Quick Takes - The Friday Evening Edition

And now back to our regularly scheduled program-a-rama!

--- 1 ---

Here's another picture-less potty update. I let R wear her big girl undies this afternoon and she kept them totally dry!!! until she ate dinner : ( so a washing of the high chair seat was in order {perfect segway into point numero 2}

--- 2 ---

About laundry. 

Because I know you want to see my laundry room!

Anyone else want to size up their laundry piles? {crickets}

--- 3 ---

K. That one was boring.

Drinking milk from the bowl… NICE!

I started a policy of setting a timer to beep at 7:50 in the morning. That gives me 5 minute buffer to get done the last few things in the next 300 seconds so we are marching upstairs to say prayers at 7:55. This puts us loading up on time and pulling out of the driveway early by our standards! Except when my button in the van does not want to close the garage door so I have to back out, get out, press the button and run back to the van. {Please try and feel bad for me and my problems}

--- 4 ---

E decided to have an 'animal meeting' during her rest time… in our bathroom. Seriously the animals were lining the floors and tub. How can I pass my germ-a-phobia on to my children?!?!?!?

--- 5 ---

Dear spring/warmer weather - COME BACK TO MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

--- 6 ---

Woke up to this...

Now this kind of snow is awesome. Pretty snow. Pretty sunrise. Pretty ride to school/work. Pretty roads and school was NOT canceled!!!!!!

--- 7 ---

Throwback Friday? 

These are from E's swim class a few months ago. She wants to go back to swim class but I cannot think about when she might go back. Spring is coming and E informed us she wants to do gymnastics {thanks Sesame Street}. Which is fine. I need to call to do the free trial class before we make a 2 month commitment.

Any-how… Happy Friday. I'll be doing a giveaway here in a few weeks so check back

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