Monday, February 17, 2014

Family Puzzle Night in la Casa de Kibbe

The girls opted for puzzles instead of stories tonight. They are totally interchangeable, right? E was in one corner with her States puzzle and R and I worked on the ABC train puzzle. Papa had to help keep E from bombarding R with ABC puzzle 'help'. R is starting to understand how things fit together.

Here's the gist of our conversation throughout the puzzle putting together:

Me - Okay R find the E for elephant
R - Dis one?
Me - No that's the S for skunk.
R - Bur-dee?

Me - Here's the K for kangaroo
E - Bur-dee?
Me - No it is a kangaroo

Me - Now you need the M for moose
R - Dis one! Bur-dee?
Me - No that's not a birdie that's a rabbit

Clearly we have some animal identification to work on : )

{And it was not bath night so fantastic times all around!}

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