Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Weekend's Top 10

10. Early naps = blog post so you are in luck

9. R breaking my substantially thick chain that I wear my crucifix on. 2 yr old grip-o-death? Just ask Uncle Kev about R's face-pinching abilities.

8. Can I pul-ease get a preschooler sized music stand? I think that would solve about 90% of my issues with E at church. A 1000 page (not exaggerating here) book is not conducive to 3.5 yr old hands. AT ALL.

7. 3 month old with a stuffy nose? Probably one of the more pitiful human beings I have come into contact with recently. M has gotten the big girls stuffy nose/head cold. She's totally off her napping game and waking up after 30-45 mins probably because her nose is filled with stuff she cannot blow out.

6. Seeing Uncle Kev and Grandpa Joe. Always a highlight for any niece/grand-unit. Uncle Kev had E and Grandpa Joe had R and they were both simultaneously tossing the kids up in the air and screams of delight made it slightly easier to watch because my heart may have been skipping a beat.

5. E waking up screaming at 12:30 AM… Not wanting to talk. I herd her into the bathroom in the hopes that she won't rouse R and M. Still she's not saying a word just howling. Finally "Mommy I need some socks". Seriously? "okay not a problem." Then on the way to church 8 hours later, "Mommy I had such a great sleep last night" Oh really now. Well at least someone did.

4. Jibbe's cooking fried chicken for dinner. Yeah you can ask again, Joanne how the heck did you end up with the world's best MIL? Well my hubby might say "well my MIL takes me to the airport at 5:30 in the morning so I don't have to spend an entire paycheck on airport parking?" Take your pick. We got good ones : )

3. Bath night at Grammy's house. Why is bath night so…. well, you know, dreadful?!?!? The extra work for drying hair? The water over the floors? The fighting over the bath toys? Not sure. But I could dedicate an entire post to 'Why we don't like bath Nights.' Anyhow, change of scenery + Grammy (or Jibbe) help is ALWAYS an added bonus to bath nights making them somewhat not as stress-filled

2. College friend's bridal shower. Here's a shout out to all you blog stalkers! I LOVE you all and miss seeing y'all. Thanks for waiting on E and me hand and foot so I could keep M semi-quiet during the party. See ya at the wedding!

1. R licking the backs of the chairs at church… If she is sick for the next 3 months we will know why

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