Sunday, February 2, 2014

Crazy… Crazy… Craziness Kibbe Style

Today we celebrated R's 2nd birthday. Two I know?!?!? Well today is not her actual bday but Papa is going to be gone on the day so OF COURSE we did it so he would be here. Now we had a fantastic time with family and friends. Uncle Kev even made the seriously long drive from The Fort to come celebrate - so I totally owe him a trip out there. {Don't know how The Fort would handle Hurricane Kibbe but only one way to find out.}

Papa did a knock out job on the grill. Grammy brought a great Greek salad and Jibbe came with the world's best coleslaw - don't ask me how she does it, it is just awesome. The kids played with only a few sharing issues which was likely due to the timing of rest time more than anything. Adults talked. Candle was blown out. Cake and ice cream were eaten. Boxes were torn open. Presents were played with.

It was a really great birthday.

Now, if you'd like to know how it all came together. Buckle up and hold on because it was INSANE!

The weekend started with 4 STRAIGHT days of no school. Saturday Papa was making cabbage rolls for our church fundraiser so it was solo Mama and the girls. Waffles from the freezer for breakfast. Then we headed out to Hallmark to get a card for the bday party we were going to later that afternoon (R has a little friend born 8 days before her so it was a bday doubleheader for these not-so-little 2 yr olds)

Well after some searching I could not successfully convince E (and R) to get him something from there. So onto Wally's for our party's supplies plus the present. We checked everything off our list at Wallys and checkout was a breeze until we got to the ONLY Mickey cup in the store. Seriously I checked. Okay the cup does not have a barcode - lady walks back to get another one. Oh they are part of a two-pack. So she walks back to find another two-pack. But there are none. On the third trip she finds another stray cup that belongs with a two-pack but it was not the right cup for the pack with Mickey. Finally I said look, I will buy the one single cup for the two cup price. All the while E, R and M are huddled in and around the cart and other patrons checking out keep confusing M for a boy. Purple, people. She is in PURPLE. FINALLY they let me buy the mis-matched cup pack and we are off to the races.

We get home. Super quick lunch. Rest for R. E and Papa go to the dump. Controversy over the card because R signed it first and E was not thrilled. Nor was she happy the present had been wrapped without her witnessing the event.

Moving on to the party. The girls behaved - for the most part - at the party. The cake was AWESOME. Super super cool and everything matched the Cookie Monster theme. No one is particularly ready for bed after all the sugar but it is not bath night #winning.

The morning began with the usual 5 am wakeup call but M was already up at 4:30 for a snack so getting up was not horrible. I'm getting the girls bags organized and laundry cleaned up and last minute list made for my run to the store after church.

6 am...



Somehow E was 'looking out her window' and ended up with a shiner that would make you do a double take at the size and color - it is so bad. Tears, ice, and a black and blue forehead not exactly sure how it all played out but the shiner remains. Later we cannot find this month's High Five magazine for the car ride. E leaves wailing. R is totally unphased by the craziness.

Nothing horrible to report from church.

I was HOPING that R would take a snooze on the way back from church but E was being loud and crazy the entire ride so no nap for R.

Drop Papa off and it is solo girls for our trip to the HT to get the cake, balloon, ice cream and orange juice. We survived the parking lot and getting through HT on their mammoth double rider "oh you have your hands full cart". Last stop, the bakery. Annnnnnnd…. there's a problem as soon I say it's the Minnie and Mickey Mouse cake. Grrrrrrrrrrrr…. {not freaking out, not freaking out} Annnnnnnnd they don't have our order made nor is there a 'kit' aka the figurines for the cake.

{TEARS and SCREAMS} thanks E.

R again totally oblivious

The bakery lady was insanely apologetic and got a better than what we would have gotten with the figurines cake done in record time. E is still not convinced.

However, this totally throws a wrench in my timing, as does checking out and forgetting to pay for the balloon and going back to pay for that.

Okay we get back home at 11:56. and the party…. starts a noon.


Papa came through on pretty much everything but walking into the house as people are arriving is daunting plus I just totally needing 20 minutes to organize M's room so it was not a complete disaster and put our clothes away in the laundry room.

Anyhow… that did not happen.

Fortunately my mom was there to HELP ME!!!!!!! Everyone pitched in don't get me wrong but it is always reassuring to have your mom around. I felt like I ran around with my head cut off for 2 hours bouncing between kids, food, feeding M, going outside with the kids, cake, present, conversations?

R fell asleep in Papa's arm and Mama is trying not to be jealous!

Everyone had a good time I believe so that's all that really important.

Just glad we have family and friends that understand our craziness

I promise a post with R's bday later

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