Sunday, February 9, 2014

It's been said many times, many ways, Happy Birthday… to you!

Sweet, sweet R. How is it that you are 2? (despite you are holding up 4 fingers : )

I, as usual, cannot believe it. 

You have blossomed into a big sister ever since M was born. You are putting words together more and more everyday. You are giving the potty a try and you are not letting E boss you around all the time. 

My favorite thing you do is 'nuggle' on command. I'll pick you up out of your crib and say "Snuggle me please" and you wrap your arms around me tight and bury your head into my neck and we will snuggle and rock for a few seconds. 

You love doing everything your big sister does and sometimes you know just how to get under her skin. You love being a big helper with your little sister and come in the room when I change her and you will announce "Big stink!"

Recently you have really enjoyed reading books especially with Papa. 

You are still a huge fan of eating. "Me eat now?" or "Cup pease" is often heard 10 minutes after a meal or snack. You are not the cleanest of eaters but come on now, what 2 yr old is, right? 

This is frequently overheard at the table:

Papa - R you are a NUT {in reference to your crazy eating habits/behavior}
R - New nut, new nut!

You love yogurt and hotdogs. You cannot stand peanut butter… at all. 

You love to sing. You sing Christmas carols that E learned for her preschool program. 

You are a wild child… especially at church. You don't like wearing your shoes and you would run around in circles throughout Liturgy if I allowed it. You get all your energy out at school where you have the world's nicest bestests teachers a 2 yr old could ask for. You have a friend in there who, it is reported, that you all run together and play together and scream at each other…. ALOT. 

You have already picked out a book bag that you want to take to your 2 yr old preschool class in the fall. I think you are going to have a blast with all the art projects and singing and dancing. 

Seems like just the other day I was at the doctor's office and the nurse says "Okay you need to go to the hospital. Straight there, don't drive back to The Mount"… 5 hours later another Kibbe girl graced us with her presence. 

Happy Birthday my sweet, sweet, crazy, loud, loving (not so) baby girl!

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