Friday, May 9, 2014

7 Quick Takes - I read a book in less than 48 hours

Brushing off the mojo from last weeks crazies… 

--- 1 ---

This week is the first week I have really HAD to run a few errands with all three girls. H-A-D to. I even called one place that was fixing my computer and asked if they minded if I brought my kids. They said it wouldn't be an issue (not like they really had a choice though because if they needed me, my kids would have to go).

So we get there and we get a few raised eyebrows. E and R both came prepped for a good waiting session with a coloring pad and 3 crayons each (which ended up being not necessary).

Lady at desk - Oh wow. Are they all yours?
Me - {No I run a daycare} Yes they are
Lady - Are any of them twins?
Me - {seriously there are 3 kids here, not 13. One is in a carseat so clearly not twins with two older girls and the height difference between E and R is QUITE different} {smiling} No. E is almost 4. R is 2 and M is 6 months
Lady - Oh wow. You're busy.
Me - They keep me busy

After the computer place we hopped to stroll around the lake and R was enamored with the "Really Big mountain" {fountain - still working on that F sound}. There were people walking and one guy walks past us and asks:

Guy - Are they all yours?
Me - {What is up with people thinking I tool around town with other people's kids?!?!?} Yes sir they are
Guy - You got your hands full
Me - {Yeah full of love} Yes I do!

--- 2 ---
While we are on this computerized side note-age. Let's talk Windows 8. Oh wait. Let's not because it is the most frustrating O/S EVER. If Windows 8 is all Microsoft has to compete with Apple… just stick to what you are good at - word/excel/powerpoint - and quit messing around with crazy functions that are not useful and are counterintuitive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

--- 3 ---

Amazon deliveries from late last week. Jen Fulwiler, you are right up there with NT Wright.

Seriously though, Something Other Than God is an awesome read. I could not put it down. I was reading it through the intense wash day and finally finished it on Sunday after church. I laughed a few times and cried a bit at the end. It is a SUPER fast read that begs you to keep on reading.

I think that Catholic converts are some of the MOST interesting Catholics. Each one has a story and Jen pours her heart out in SOTG. I enjoyed how atheist Jen used only logic to find her way into the Church. Also, my favorite line in the book - I did not want them to know I was on one of those crazy Jesus Web sites, let alone my crazy Jesus Web site. Here is her 'crazy Jesus Web site'

Anyways, read the book whether you are Catholic or not, religious or not you will not be disappointed.

--- 4 ---

I meant to post this last week but I then I didn't… 

During our grocery store run. E and R were in the double seat part of the oh-your-the-crazy-mom-who-brings-3-kids-to-the-store massive grocery cart - you know the one with the bench that is an addition to the regular cart and Harris Teeter only has one of those so if someone else is using it you are totally up a creek? Yeah you know. Well here's the thing. I never buckle my kids in the carts because do they really need them? 

On the mack truck cart yes it is imperative because if unstrapped child is not ready for a forward movement she is okay because the laws of physics 'got her back'. But the laws of physics leave said child crashing into the cart if the driver tries a backwards movement. Which I did. 

R totally lost it in the coffee aisle. Fortunately we got it under control and thanks a lot Mr. Manager man who totally peaced out as this was going down. I saw you leave. 

No worse for the wear. Lesson learned. 

--- 5 ---
It is summer time in the NC - finally - which means it is jackpot time for finding stuff in Lee's work clothes. Usually there your run of the mill Kleenex, balled up receipt and piece of paper, sometimes a days worth of coins, rarely any dollar bills (though I did get a $10 tip once) but sometimes I get this:

Can anyone else appreciate the fact that 7 screws just got washed and dried and are now scalding hot because the timer just beeped on the dryer? Maybe it is just me. I know I'm weird.

--- 6 ---
Let's wrap this up...

Girls + wedding + cake = happiness

Same wedding as last week. Can I just say that they went all out in the kids department at this wedding. There were little candies in their place cards. A bag with a coloring book, crayons, gummies, juice box and candy at the table AND after the first dances and the adults were waiting to be excused to go to the buffet, the kids plates with chicken nuggets, fruit and fries were on the tables waiting for them.

It. Was. Awesome.

--- 7 ---
Ready for something that is really going to blow you away:

This little persona is turning 4 this weekend. 

Nope cannot believe it either. 

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  1. I found your blog via 7QT.
    I have 3 boys the same ages as your girls, and I take them all out wherever I go, getting the same comments "Are they all yours?", "Are these two twins?" (Despite the obvious size difference). "You must be busy," and "You have your hands full."

    I just wanted to compliment you on your "full of love" comment in that regard. I have been trying to think of some positive response when people comment on the number of kids I have instead of just affirming their belief that I'm overwhelmed. This is perfect!

    I don't know if I will actually say that to people, but I'll think it, so thanks for that!

    1. I always get a little bit taken aback and never really get out what I want to

  2. I love your girls' dresses in the wedding photo. So sweet!

    I get the "are they twins" comment a lot when I'm out with my two (9m & 21m). I'm not entirely sure why people don't notice that one is double the size of the other...

    1. I think most of the twin comments must be by people who are not around young children much and notice the not-so-subtle height difference

  3. Ha, someone asked if John Paul and Cecilia were twins once when they were like, 6 months and 2 years old... Yeah right! People are always a little wary of asking if our ACTUAL twins are twins, because they look so different... And then they're often shocked that they are! Too funny :P

    1. That's so funny people don't assume the little girls are twins!

  4. I hate the hands full comment! If I had a nickel... I get it the most when I add my golden retriever to the mix and walk him with my three!
    Happy Birthday to E! My oldest turned four in Feb and four has been wonderful!

    1. Four has been fun. Some nights E is super great and I want her to stay up and hang out and do puzzles or something (other nights not so much!)