Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Five Favs - Reasons Why I Love School is out for the Summer

Okay it's just preschool but you know

1. The girls take excellent rests

Well R is a pretty consistent rester anyways but E is pretty hit or miss and more along the lines of a whiny miss. But today I told her it was time for rest and bam she was out for 1.5 hrs. I guess that's what 4 hours of playtime will do to you. I'm a big fan of structured preschool stuff especially because E craves structure but there's something about running around and being on the playground that wears her out. Excellent. I walked in our room (where she rests) and she was just waking up and I asked her if she rested and she assured me she had NOT.

2. Lunch

I'm so bad at lunch. Lunch is always so rough around here anyways because we roll into the driveway a solid 45 minutes after the average person's lunch time. Today I realized things are going to get dicey soon with M because she is going to be a more vocal eater here really soon. R stole the show though and screamed for her milk cup (even though she was beet red from being outside) so cheese sticks all around - well not for M.

Evidence of peanut butter and butter sandwich

The most vocal and least vocal of the girls. I am thinking there will be a role reversal soon.
R proceeded to pick at her ham and cheese and E devoured her peanut butter and butter sandwich. Gag. I know but I was not up for an argument.

Must improve lunching skillz.

3. Playing outside

I LOVE being able to play outside usually in swim suits. Mainly because the screaming and crying and laughing and loud playing does not reverberate through the walls of the casa. But also because the girls love it. But a lot of it means there is less mess to clean up inside. #winning

Cobbler's kids don't have shoes. Poolman's kids don't have pools

Kibbe Family Pool. Not lying

4. Eating outside

I don't know about you but my kids are insanely not cleaning eaters. I don't want to say they are messy because it is not like they purposefully sit there and throw food on the floor or spill their drinks (though M is learning about gravity by forever dropping her sippy cup on the floor - which drives Papa absolutely bonkers).

ANYWAY we take advantage of being outside and then we'll just flow right into dinner whether on the front porch or back patio. No crumbs on the floor = a good meal in our house

5. Blackout curtains

Okay this like #2 is a bit sarcastic because I think it should read; if I had blackout curtains then I would really love the summer. Seriously, the window in the girls room gets the afternoon sun and sunset so it stay bright in there until later and later and later. Maybe one day we will get around to getting some blackout curtains and shades and shutters or something but for now we get to listen to the silly sisters laugh-it-up for nearly an hour after they've gone to bed

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  1. YES. Mealtimes outside are awesome and my kids think it is fun!