Friday, May 16, 2014

7QTs - Sand, squirrels and sprinklers

Let's kick this off with some general hilarious-ness

--- 1 ---

While at dinner this week:

E - Mama, is Jesus in your heart?
Me - Hmmm… Yes. {I'm learning about all this evangelical lingo via my 4 yr old courtesy of preschool - Hello Bible Belt}
E - {collecting her thoughts} If Jesus is in your heart, ping, plip… He'll put a baby in your tummy

Seriously? Seriously. I had to leave the table and collect myself just so I didn't spit out my food. Apparently Preschool + talking about M's middle name got smashed together in the same synapse. 

I'm NOT making an announcement like Rosie did this week. 

--- 2 ---

While we are on this baby topic. Really quick. First it was Nani on Friday and then on Sunday I was talking to another lady and our priest (who has five kids) about some of the commentary I got last week. And I have come to a realization about the question:

So, are you done?

A. This does not offend me. If you want to get all up in my (and my husband's) personal life then fine. I'll tell you - "No, I/we hope not"

B. Imagine yourself on the outside of this conversation listening in. There are a handful of good friends of mine who would gladly welcome any number of kids if they simply could conceive in the first place. 

So I think this "Are you done" question is grossly offensive to any couple who is experiencing infertility. How do you think they feel when they hear that question asked and they either have no kids or just one or two? Maybe they only have one child but "that's all the Lord gave them" maybe they don't have any children yet because they are still waiting and praying for a miracle. 

I've heard a conversation like this at least twice:

Random Guy - Is that your first? {point to M}
Me - No; she's our third
RG - Oh wow
Me - Yep
RG - Well we were only blessed with one but we would have taken two, three, four… six?
Me - Oh nice!

Am I totally out in left field? 

--- 3 ---

Let's see in other news this week. We fattened up the squirrel population in our backyard after I realized that some Cheese Puffs from past school parties were stale. 

It took them 2 days to eat down the pile. And yes E is wearing the same pajamas because she insists she keeps them clean and when she's wearing her favorites then they get recycled. 

--- 4 ---

Scenes from the heat of this week: 

R will not get near the sprinkler. She talks about it but really does not like it. As in will walk half way across the yard to avoid it. E discovered she could collect water from the sprinkler and dump it anywhere so why not the sandbox?

E - R don't splash me!
R - I sorry
E - We need more water
R - Mora waaaa-ter

R's thinking - Hehe.. I'm getting E to do all the leg work while I splash here in the sand and water

--- 5 ---
M just watches safety from her perch

Because she's super cute like that : ) 

--- 6 ---

Oh Lukie….

Some days I think this dog generally appreciate us being outside. Our first summer at the house he barked at us every single day. Now he sometimes does not even come off the deck when he hears us. E likes keeping tabs on Lukie-Luke whether we are in the backyard or on a walk and we talk to him from the street. R has just started to talk about Wukie-Wuk. 

--- 7 ---

Did you see our pink car conundrum? I think the solution is for the girls to have a Pink Cadillac restoration project with Uncle Kevin one day because Grammy said a pink cadillac is way nicer than a Jeep.

As for making this happen. I am stumped:

E - Mama, when I die I'm going to die in a pink grave
Me - Ummmm…. okay
E - Yeah a pink one.

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  1. The squirrel pictures are awesome. What fun to be able to watch them.

    1. I threw out a hot dog bun tonight. One squirrel was not sharing with the other. It was quite amusing to watch!

  2. Yeah, I think that "are you done" comment has to be assumed to be charitable - people are usually trying to get a feel for you, I've found, and they have no idea how to phrase it in a less awkward way! I usually say (if I feel like it's not awkward), "So, do you think you'll have more?" But yeah, I've gotten a lot of, "We had 10!" or "I wish we could have had more!" after I answer that question...

    1. I agree with what you are saying BUT

      A. Why do they need to know in the first place?
      B. It is not fair to other women who would like more children

      I mean it is not fair to assume that a family that only has a child or two - or none for that matter - elected to have number of children.

      It is strange to me how society - even some Christians - views children as a commodity to be had or not had. Paul VI certainly had some divine inspiration for Humane Vitae