Saturday, May 3, 2014

M - 6 months ex-utero

Alternatively titled… Six months with three kids ages 3 and under

“To hurry through one’s leisure is the most unbusiness-like of actions.”  
~ G.K. Chesterton

It is super hard to believe that it has been months since M was pitocin-ed into this world. She is such a joy and a little trooper and so easy going (unless she's hungry). 

Her big sisters love her a lot. I was letting E hold M and R started freaking out because she did not think she was going to get a turn. 

R has especially taken to M. R wants to have M right on the floor and she will say "Hi baaaay-beeee" or "Its OooK, M. Its oooookay!" 

A few weeks ago R was calling M - Mon-keee which was super funny even though R has pretty much gotten the hang of M's name. 

M is rolling over a lot. Not much into trying to sit up but usually she kind of rolls to one side. She still likes a good rock in the swing but prefers the exer-saucer, mat or just sitting in her bouncy seat so she can take in the views of the big people. Today M took a nice long, fun, giggly swing on the swing set. I think I know where she'll be spending her summer afternoons. 

At work M enjoys naps in the cool, darkness of the bathroom (in her carseat or bouncy seat, mind you) with the fan on. Not much of a consistent afternoon napper (which I take the blame for). She's has not slept through the night yet but has gotten close a few times. 

I am THRILLED that in her first 6 months M has had a total of 6 oz of formula. Yes. SIX. I have a good stash of pumped milk in the freezer that I have not even touched but you know… it is liquid gold, right? I've been letting her try bananas and sweet potatoes occasionally and tonight she got cereal and sweet potatoes. Our highchair on wheels is getting the boot because it is DESTROYING the floors so a strap-in chair highchair is on its way. 

To me she still seems so little and I pull out an outfit for her to put on and she does not fit in it because it is a 0-3 month. I cannot understand how she got to be six months old! I am sure I'll be saying the same thing in another six months!

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  1. Oh, what a great quote! I don't think I'd seen that one before. It is how I feel about vacations, and even every day :-) Thanks so much!