Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hot Mess - Pink Car

This car… This car in and of itself is a hot mess but here is why its a hot mess in my van… every. single. day. Twice a day in fact because we pass it on the way to school and the way from school. 


This pink car is is such a major topic of conversation. You know. 4 yr old girl. 2 yr old girl. Totally obsessed with all things pink and so there are never any pink cars around on the roads the sole pink car in the Mount is highly sought after amongst the sisters {but clearly not to any one else because this car has been on this car lot for a REALLY long time}. 

Conversations go something like this: 

E - Oooooo, I want that pink car
R - Pink caaaaa!
E - Its my pink car
R - Mine
E - No I want that pink car
R - Pink caaaaaaa….
E - You can have a yellow car
R - Green car?
E - There is no green car

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