Tuesday, May 6, 2014

98 piece puzzle complete

E is our puzzle master. She's done the the really old horse puzzle, the castle puzzle, the 10 ft ABC train puzzle, the States puzzle, but this princess puzzle has been a bit tricky because it is twice the number of pieces as the States puzzle plus the pieces are super small. 

Saturday E was bored and got out the puzzle she would ask for help and I told her to get the straight edge pieces put together first but that did not go well. So I separated them out for her and she went to work. And after a bit of "Mami I cannot find the right piece and can you pul-ease help me?" she did the puzzle all by herself. 

She was super proud (and so were we) and I think she was secretly glad that she did not get help. Today she did the puzzle again and I went over to watch her (because it is absolutely fascinating to watch her do a puzzle) and she even pointed the two pieces that are missing courtesy of R who gnawed on them last year in her I'm-going-to-consume-anything-in-sight phase. 

Want to know what to get her for her birthday (ehem… Uncle Kev - who is not fielding my calls) a puzzle. At least 100 pieces. Maybe the solar system or an under the ocean one?

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  1. She did a great job. I think she felt really good. It is important to encourage children to do creative things to develop intelligence. Very good puzzle!