Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hot Mess - Papa's Closet

My life has been a hot mess this whole week (boring work stuff so not picture worth) so when I heard about The Hot Mess Link-up I could not help but play along….

So more than a week or two ago (don't ask me because it's been crazy times) we had this pinhole leak in our upstairs bathroom which caused minor leakage… major humidity in Papa's closet. 

After his unsuccessful attempts to fix the leak the plumbing company F-I-N-A-L-L-Y came and fixed the leak after a week - apparently not high up on their list of very important customers...

Anyhow lessons learned:

1. Don't have workers put ceiling back because you'll probably have another leak in 6 months - oh wait we did that

2. I'm a genius for thinking of using the baby bathtub for collecting all the water in the ceiling.

3. The do-it-your-hubby kits for fixing leaks at Lowe's are a sham.

4. Leaking water does a {HORRIBLE} number on newly painted closet

5. Wonder what the heck is in the well that is corroding copper pipes and ask yourself why you drink this water

6. Forget to bring calcium chloride home from work THREE times but finally remember today to help draw the water out of the closet.

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1 comment:

  1. Pinhole leaks are the worst! We have had our fair share. And it is amazing the damage water can do. Maybe you could install a little trap door for access to the pipes? Just in case. Hopefully you are done with leaks for good!