Friday, May 30, 2014

7QTs - Post Snake Invasion

Please pray for some friends of ours and their sweet newborn who is undergoing surgery today

--- 1 ---

Well if you missed our big news around here this week, check this out.

It has led to some interesting conversations…

E - Where's the snake
Me - It is dead outside
E - Has it died?
Me - Yes it is dead.
E - But has it died?
Me- It has died
E - Jesus died
Me - Yes he did but he's in heaven
E - When we die we go in a grave
Me - When we die our bodies go in graves but our souls leave this earth and hopefully go to heaven
E - Where is heaven?
Me - Ask Papa

--- 2 ---

Whew! Moving on to lighter news...

This little bebe has a tooth or two.  

Which I unsuccessfully tried to document. 

There is a bit of controversy in our house over the tooth issue. I believe that once a baby gets teeth they are not really babies anymore more (okay not really but having teeth is a way grown up trait you know). Lee insists that I am grossly incorrect. 

I have only been bit once or twice but also the whole teeth thing makes me want to be wrapping up in the nursing department but M shows no sign of dis-interest. 

--- 3 ---

E built a tent and proceeded to sleep in it for her rest….

She was doing this a few hours before: 

Try explaing mini golf to a 4 yr old
--- 4 ---

Preschool wrapped up last week: 

Last day of school

First day of school

--- 5 ---
E got a kite in her end of year bucket...

Now I know why adults must exercise extreme patience when children fly kites. Seriously between the tail on the kite and the string getting tangled. Well fortunately kite flying was deemed boring soon after we started so 

--- 6 ---

We survived an epic shopping trip. With Papa working sun up to sun down 5 days a week and sun up to mid afternoon on Saturday that leaves us girls to do some things he does during the cooler months...

Wallys only has one of those double seater, massive carts and we did not enter through the door that had it or maybe someone was using it so E and R were in the basket for a good part of the trip. But E was forced out midway through. R got lost in everything but with some creative stacking and positioning nothing was damaged. No accidents like last time 

--- 7 ---

Couldn't resist another one of sweet M

She's saying.. Happy Anniversary Grammy and Grandpa Joe!

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  1. Your girls are beautiful. And that snake is gross. But we have similar conversations every time we find something dead. The latest one led to my four year old asking, "But is King Herod in heaven?"

    1. The dying/death conversations are quite interesting around here. Recently one involved dying in a pink grave. Next up is explaining the whole division of body and soul thing...