Friday, May 2, 2014

7 Quickies - Work-Life Balance, What?

It has been a ROUGH one… which is probably why I STILL have not called you mom. Maybe we can chat tomorrow night? Let's say 7. 

--- 1 ---

Okay not even gonna lie… This week is pushing some of the best of my buttons. Remaining cool, calm and collected has been a bit of a challenge but powering through to the end makes me realize this is all mostly unimportant stuff and I'm not in control…

Now, onto the unimportant stuff...

--- 2 ---
The week kicked itself off with my hard drive at work crashing. Again. For the second time in 6ish months. Last time I promised I was going to back everything up and then I didn't because I don't know how to back stuff up (horrible reason, I know). Well it was pretty grim for about 36 hours but the files on the hard drive were resurrected late yesterday. Thanks St. Anthony for helping those guys find the files!

With a new computer and everything I PROMISE to figure out how to back up my files so that my heart does not stop if for whatever reason my computer does not work.

Side note - Our iMac does not seem to want to power up either which is a major bummer (fortunately Lee got all the files off that baby when it was having problems last year)

--- 3 ---

Okay work drama continues from Monday to Tuesday to Wednesday with various things happening with totally unrelated orders/customers/containers with things that were mostly out of my control (except for one which I take full responsibility for). Seriously, it was impressive the amount of stuff that was not going right in that office. Shoulda bought a lottery ticket.

Things are working themselves in timely and untimely manners but I think I'm being taught a lesson in "Okay what really matters here"

I can be a slow learner. So trying to maintain low stress levels. Maybe if I hurried up and learned then there would be less weeks when I'm overly stressed about work. Okay where do I sign?

--- 4 ---

Lee and I went out to dinner Wednesday night; kind of not exactly planned. Jibbe came over and brought the girls dinner and she said we should go. 

Excellent no time like the present to get out of the house and spend some quality dinner times with the hubby. 

We get to the Mount's newest restaurant and the waitress comes to take our orders and BAM "Do you have your ID?" 

{Are you kidding me???? It's in a diaper bag. At home. I sat there without an excuse and accepted my fate}

Fortunately the manager recognized me for the 27-yr-old-mom-with-three-kids that I am and that issue was taken care of. 

--- 5 ---
I've been on this get-outta-bed kick recently and it has been going awesomely except when I don't get out of bed. M has been spoiling me with once nightly feeding for about a week and then two nights ago it was 3 times and last night it was 2 plus R has some crazy scream-bloody-murder night terrors around midnight. With that said, I have not had too much success with my early rising the latter part of the week.

Must start caffeination process early. 

--- 6 ---
Okay let's discuss 4 yr olds since I have one right around the corner (in about 8 days). I was talking with a friend (whose kids are the same ages as the girls) and we've noticed this kinda sassy attitude and whiney behavior thing going on with our oldest girls.

It's not terrible but still… Not necessary and not appropriate. Must be curbed. It's not all the time but it is there and you can tell.

So I am talking to my sister in law about it and she said she noticed a sassy-ness issue right around the age of 4 and right around the age of 6. Okay so we are hitting our markers.

For me, if you are whiney you go to your room. If you have a bad attitude that's just not tolerable. (maybe I need to go to my room and I will really soon) Use words to tell me what the issue/problem/complaint is and don't whine and TRY and be as kind as possible.

Well not surprisingly we have some issues to work through at school (seriously not surprised because if it is at home, it is at school too) but doesn't hurt when you know your child is doing something that is not nice? Maybe it's me. I know my kids are not perfect (and neither am I or anyone else for that matter) and we all make mistakes (duh!) but as a parent you just want your kid to do the best they can and when they don't your like "Dang" (on the inside) and try and figure out the best way to communicate with them (on the outside)

So I really have not had time to reflect on much of the week's events because I've been so crazy stressed but I think that's my Take Home Truth:

"As a parent you just want your kid to do the best they can and when they don't your like "Dang" (on the inside) and try and figure out the best way to communicate with them (on the outside)"

Kind of insightful as to how God must feel when we let Him down and slip into sin. 

--- 7 ---
To leave you on happier note: 

Nothing like a wedding to bring friends together!

Be thankful for all the good that is going on in your life - your family, your kids, your health, your faith, whatever. Don't take it for granted. Was just reminded of this easily forgotten fact as I was typing this one out. 

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  1. I have TOTALLY gotten carded while out and my ID has been at home in the diaper bag... Drives me nuts! We never go anywhere where they know us either, so I can't pull the "I have four kids" card!