Saturday, November 8, 2014

7 Quick Takes - It's Almost Advent...

Eastern Catholic and orthodox starts 2 weeks early… 

--- 1 ---

Right so Advent. One week from yesterday it will start and I'm kinda starting to get with the program as to what the plan is. We'll probably keep it similar to last year - in which we planned and (4 out of 6 weeks) actually completed some sort of act of charity. 

This year I think we might incorporate making cookies for policemen or firemen with some of our friends - instead of exchanging gifts with them because really, our kids don't need any more toys. That is in discussion but will hopefully happen. 

Also, I need to find an excellent recording of O Come Emmanuel preferably in both English and Latin with at least 5 of the verses if not all of them. Gosh I love that song. There is so much theology about Jesus in each little verse and my girls like singing it to AND WE DON'T LISTEN TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC UNTIL IT IS CHRISTMAS! (Except the girls are constantly in choir practice around the house and especially at night once the light has been turned off. They are practicing for their Christmas program at school so technically there are Christmas tunes around the house)

Finally last year in the Advent Link-Up, I came across a number of people who use a Jesse Trees during Advent. We always had an Advent wreath growing up but never a Jesse Tree. Well these Jesse trees were really interesting because each day there was a new ornament with a picture and a corresponding Bible verse (I think all from the OT) that foreshadows the coming of Christ. Read one a day and get a new ornament and the kids involved. Pretty cool, no? 

Yeah, except revert to pre-QT note. Our Advent is 2 weeks longer and all these Jesse Trees were for Advent that's 4 weeks long. Wha…wha…wha. Story of my vida. 

Enter Jesse Tree Treasures (this is a personal plug here, not because I am receiving anything in return). 

Heavens open. Lights shine down. Angels sing. 

They have Jesse Tree ornaments for Orthodox Advent (and Latin Advent - the 4 week Advent-ers too). I finally ordered them and they came this week and I'm super excited. 

Now I'm on the hunt for a tree to be our Jesse tree!!!

--- 2 ---

Let's see what else is happening. I'm planning on linking up with Kathryn at Team Whitaker for Week in My Life next week. Except I'm cheating a little and doing the pictures next week because this week was way more interesting. Hence the extreme lack of pictures in this post

--- 3 ---

Today is the last soccer game of the season. Thank goodness because it is insanely cold (at least by my standards). E might have had a small breakdown yesterday when she realized today would be her last opportunity to score another goal and win the 'go get ice cream award' (she's scored one this season and we set the number to score at 2).

--- 4 ---

I'm thinking/hoping to sign both E and R up for swim class in December. It is two nights a week and technically R is 10 weeks shy of the 3 yr old age minimum but I'm hoping they'll let her in. Two times a week is a bit of a time commitment but it is the only classes they offer in December and E is desperate to get in the pool again. But there is no way I can just send E because R could not be expected to sit that long twice a week and watch sister have fun and her be totally left out!

--- 5 ---

Oh and R. She may have turned the corner on potty training. 

{Heavens open. Lights shine down. Angels sing}

I have been so ready for this. She's only in a diaper for rest and at night. It is great. Which means she will soon be able to gain access to the big girl bed. Except she really loves her crib so well see if she actually wants to.

Also it should be interesting because E is used to be able to get out of her bed and go potty or come and ask us a million questions before bed BUT that's going to have to change because the no roaming rule will be in place for a while when R makes the bed jump.

--- 6 ---

Lest I forget M. She is great. She is getting some teeth. Some really far in the back and a few on the bottom. Also she scaled one stair this week which does not make this mama happy!

--- 7 ---

Okay… and here's some interesting links for the weekend clicking pleasure:

1. Is this home auction site legit? 

3. Good read for parents of school aged kids about the pressure of school and sports and college 

4. Came across this article this morning… Most interesting line - "Sex is not a need,” Shaina explains. “It is a wonderful gift God gave us. We don’t die if we don’t have it.”

That's all I got. Have a good one!

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