Saturday, November 15, 2014

Week in My Life - Thursday

Playing along…

Somehow Thursday I managed to not take many pictures, and since this was a week ago I couldn't tell you what actually happened in between : ) 

I think I finally got around to putting away my passport… The van and the kitchen counter cannot be a good storage location for it, right? I have a pile on the kitchen counter that rises and falls with stuff- mail, school papers, bills, passports, birthday hats - perfectly normal right?

M enjoyed playing with her birthday balloon. We called Grammy to wish her a Happy Birthday. Crazy to think a year ago she spent her birthday with our new family of five. 

All is well with Papa home. 

M came to work with me today. She loves the telephone

One day maybe she'll be answering the phone...

Honestly, between work and lunch and naps I don't know if anything in particular happened. The drawback to doing this a week after I suppose. 

The destruction of the trees that are not on our property continued...

We were fortunate that a tree that was on the other side of the ditch was spared...

I promise better pictures tomorrow…. 

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