Saturday, November 15, 2014

Week En My Life - Friday

Oh Friday… I took more pics this time so I'm not totally clueless as to what we did…

Normal early morning coffee and Psalms...

Nothing out of the ordinary on the way out the door. I am disappointed that I did not snap a pic of our family prayer time in the chapel before we leave for school though. I'll have to do a dedicated post on that because it truly has helped me slow down and focus despite the craziness of the morning rush.

Here's a view from my desk. That was our team last year. Makes me smile to see E and R...

And another view… Who better than the Pope to hold your pens, right? 

Traipsing through the parking lot together. Usually E and R will actually hold hands when they know it is serious. At school… not so much. 

At Hallmark to pick up Grammy and Grandpa Joes cards… I must say we did quite well but the "Don't touch anything" warning went out several times when we were passing by the glass Christmas stuff near the checkout

A lunch time view. 

A bill. 
A can of tuna.
The stripper and peels - backstory here
Cheerios from breakfast.
Cough medicine from the night before
Can opener. 
A coach's banquet invitation
School papers.
Art from the night before - now I remember we went to dinner with a couple from church the night before and left in the mid-afternoon to get there!
The phone
A jacket

Fridays are usually mac and cheese days for lunch. I actually cook it during breakfast so we don't wait 17.5 minutes at lunch time. If I could only cook and clean as I go… 

E probably skipped her rest because I wasn't up for the fight and that means she goes to bed faster… 

She had this insanely massive knot in her hair!

Just another view because I know you are super interested

M has discovered she does not like the big girls trying to block her out of play time. Can't say I blame her. Can't say I blame them either. 

I believe it was rainy so we hunkered down for a little Saint Mail craft. I WILL do a whole post on that too!

It was a nice sunset but le iPhone did not capture it well...

Who know what we had for dinner but dessert. Okay this has perplexed but Lee and I all week. So the girls have a big bag of goodies from Halloween. Good candy. KitKats. M&Ms. Reeses. Crunch. What does R go for? The Dum-Dums and Smarties that she gets from school! Seriously, seriously? We must have a lesson on what the good stuff is : ) 

She's not convinced : ) 

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