Monday, November 3, 2014

M's First Birthday!

How this stuff happens (birthdays… growing up) I haven't quite figured out yet. But here's to the birthday girl

 Wanna a pic with the hat? Better give me the phone!

TimeHop anyone?

 Annnnd we are back!

Big sisters were super into 'helping' aka actually unwrapping her presents. I felt minorly bad for M. But you know 1 yr old + presents = not super interested

 This better be good people!

First grab

First bit of birthday cake

Whoa man this is going to be awesome!

Thanks Uncle Kevin for the bow!


More CAKE!

Sugar high? Cake drunk? you decide

Hello 1

Why are you flashing bright light in my eyes!

Cake round two...

Except actually pumpkin muffins for breakfast (and snack too)

All is well with pumpkin muffins

Hey, its my birthday

Pumpkin muffin consumption

The rest is history...

Not possible these were taken a year apart…. 

I really should do a better job of taking pictures at the party. Anyhow, Jibbe and Grammy and Grandpa Joe and Uncle Kevin and M's godparents and some other good friends helped us celebrate. Lee cooked up some awesome chicken and green beans and potatoes (side note for future parties - don't let fruit flies get into rolls otherwise you'll be scrambling for food!)

Today we did pumpkin muffins for breakfast and snack at school since I'm convinced M likes them as one of her favorite foods. M was hauled out to E (and R's) soccer practice but she got a good swing in after which hopefully made up for it being SO INSANELY COLD!!!!!!!!

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