Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Semana in My Life - Tuesday

Playing along in the Week in my Life game just being a bit of a cheater-cheater pumpkin eater because this is actually last week… 

Every morning since I started reading Graced and Gifted - or maybe it was the first book in that series - I've read a few pages of the Bible. Lee suggested Psalms so Psalms it has been. And continues because I finished and then I didn't know what to read next and Lee was out of town and I didn't want to go upstairs in his office in the dark early morning so Psalms are on repeat (I'm scared of the dark : ). Before reading I do get my coffee but I try not to do anything else so I don't get distracted by anything else. Then I {attempt} at meditating or 'listening' but that department could use some improvements...

Then after messing around - I could do a lot more in the mornings but I don't…. - M was talking and the big girls were still asleep so M got a little time on one of her birthday presents. Pooh and the green little bike in the background are totally off limits to the big girls because they fight over them and I pretty must cannot stand it. 

Breakfast as usual. Bookbags to be loaded. Snacks to be packed. Super interesting… Promise

I zap my coffee at least 3-5 times each morning and it drives Lee CRAZY… but he wasn't here so no flack for me!

School… school… school

So I can go to work. This is desk Lee and I share. Working with your spouse has it's perks… Working with your mother-in-law might be better because that means kids are pretty much always welcome. Always...

Except M had to stay at school because I had a scheduled 2 hr call at work to get some kinks worked out of the new computer system. I love that the call started off with the guy asking how the baby's doing. He was in the store back in March installing stuff and doing some training on the new system and of course M was there. The guy who knew us for just several hours volunteered to grab the burp cloth - with the potential for getting slimed - and bounced M while she was being fussy and I was trying to learn a thing or two about the system. 

Back at the ranch, lunch per the usual. M attacks the water bottles left over from soccer practice last night.

After lunch, time to test the live stream of where Papa was - at our new bishop's ordination! I was getting excited : ) 

More playing with M's new toys...

E's rest lasted for all of 5 minutes and I let her stay up to watch the ordination. I mean it's not like it is every day a bishop gets ordained and the Patriarch is there… Just a note it's not every day you'll come a across a bishop or major archbishop or Patriarch in their 40s. Seriously Papa is 5-7 younger than these guys!

At this point I wished that I insisted I go with Lee. We could have rented a 15 passenger van and made the 10 hr trek with the crew. The (mini)van would not have worked because… the trip was two-fold. Ordination and pierogi pick up. 4 coolers and the carseats would not have fit in the mini. 

Anyway… back to the fixation on the computer. E kept asking a 100 questions who's this? When's he getting ordained? Where's Papa? Etc. She did got the Patriarch down (with the diptychs and triptychs), and Bishop John to the right of the Patriarch in the crown. He ordained Lee when R was 4 months old - gosh it seems like yesterday (and apparently I never posted pics I took!). E still talks about Bishop John.  

Venerating the altar. 

Gospel books and prayers...

Last time in priestly vestments. 

Vesting as a bishop

And more…

Watching from the comfort of our couch with a birds eye view. There was quite a lot of Ukrainian in the Liturgy so E brushed up on her 'Lord have mercy' in Ukrainian; 'Holy God' in Ukrainian and Greek (if I'm not mistaken) and Axios! - He is Worthy which I believe is Greek but don't quote me!

And the crown… 

I feel sorry for the boy who was standing outside the iconostasis. 

Yep that crown is INSANELY MASSIVE.. Here's some really good pics from the ordination 

And the ordination was still going on after rest… And it went on for at least 3.25 hours. That's crazy. And then I was glad that we weren't there - maybe. The afternoon was nice so we hit up the swing set. The weather is just getting to the point where I think it is too cold (and too cold for M) 

R is so crazy cute now. She is talking up a storm and starting to articulate more than just simple thoughts. She is super observant and very opinionated. 

Love her!

Sisterly love!

We headed inside and this is what M thought about the whole thing. She was chilly and hungry which = no bueno. It was not bath night so my life = infinitely improved. 

More of the same get M down, read with E and R, prayers, bed. E read us her memorized version of Biscuit. 

Dinner clean up occurred before story time so it was straight to the bed (without the fan) because Lee has to have the little fan on for white noise…  : )


  1. Looks like you had a day full o tasks, but in the end you've managed it very well.

    1. : ) We managed… I don't know about how well though!!!