Thursday, November 27, 2014

Pre-Thanksgiving Feastings

I may not definitely am not cooking anything for the next 2 days but I did have some baking to do a few days before to get the kids in the turkey mood…. 

E had turkey homework again this year… If you have forgotten last year's check it out. I pretty much stayed out of this homework project - except for cutting the pipe cleaners (a turkey has two belly buttons???) and demanding that the glitter glue be spread out from the massive globs that were around a wing and the feet. And this is what you get when you leave a 4 yr old to her own devices with craft supplies...

When she turned it in the teacher put her name on the back and I told her why bother, because no one else would claim a turkey like that! : )

On to my part of the bargain here. So I did these turkey cookies last year and they were a hit. Pretty easy for as complicated as they look. So ding rounds two and three for our 4 yr old and 2 yr old parties. Except this year I had some severe peanut/tree nut allergies to deal with. Those things are for REAL y'all. E's class has a quarter of the kids with an allergy so I was reading labels like a crazy mama. Some sugar cookies have macadamia nuts in them, yeah I know. Who knew?!?! Also, Jelly Belly candy corns specifically note that they come from a peanut FREE facility - and I got the last bag so I was short on candy corn for my 4 yr old batch - you'll see why this is crucial.

The directions say cut each roll into 16 cookies but I only did 12 because my cookie sheet was small AND I had a limited number of candy corns.

Yep Lee had the girls cups out already - at 5:30 AM… How am I going to survive the mornings in the summer???

So my cookies came out massive and in squares and weird shapes because I should have reshaped the cookies before baking. PLUS with my candy corn shortage I couldn't compensate for the massive cookies with more candy corn around the edges.

Trust me… the 4 yr olds REALLY cared : )

E got to present her homework. The teacher asked if the homework was a "family activity". E said no she did it by herself in 2 days. Sweet… score one for the good parents in front of all the other parents…  Don't worry we're probably the most irresponsible people alive.

So the next day I took the plus/delta chart from the day before - did not have a peanut allergy to contend with - and was ready to make some more aesthetically pleasing turkeys for the twos...

Rolling the cookies and cutting the cookies into 20 instead of the recommended 16 was great

I did run out of black gel for the feet so some turkeys have blue feet. That gel is not the easiest stuff to try and make little feet with either! Candy corn abounded (that was made in a peanut (filled) facility).

I didn't get the cold shoulder at the party this time! (and she's wearing the same dress as last party)

And this is all the beautiful art that came home this week…



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