Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week In Mi Life - Saturday

Better late than never… right?

I woke up to this… Because it's Saturday the ultimate laundry day around here. 

Got the diffuser going with some fall like oils… because I hopped on the essential oil train.

I have the wildest diffuser ever : ) I need one with better square footage coverage though!

Ready. Set. Laundry. plus trophies for the little Alligators 

Over a year ago I bought this oversized jug of Dreft because you have to wash all baby clothes in Dreft, right? Yeah well I was pretty proud of myself that shopping trip. However, I have realized that the jug of Dreft is still not gone… Usually I stop washing the baby clothes in Dreft when the bottle runs out around 7-9 months so M is still smelling like Dreft for now

Happy Saturday morning!

Papa's frying up the bacon : ) 

M's content with raisins and Cheerios

E and R are matching (again, I know) and working on Grammy and Grandpa Joe's birthday cards. They did quite well accept E decided to thoroughly seal Grammy's card without writing anyone's name on the inside so we cut open the top and amended that issue (without any tears at that!)

Prepping for the season's last soccer game. 

M sees someone in the kitchen?

She knows there's an opportunity for a snack - she has trained us well

Getting ready to leave for soccer. 

I told Lee we needed to leave at 9:45 for our 10 am game when he asked me when he was cooking breakfast.

But I realized about 9:43 when we were loading up the van that I told all the parents to be there at 9:45 (15 minutes before - as I have every game!). Oh the details…. Good thing the field is only 3 minutes away and shuffling around 3 kids is an obvious your-entitled-to-be-a-few-minutes-late card. Which I really really really hate playing but… 

Oh and it was insanely cold (okay in the 50s) but that is cold for me and M - who is yes, in a snowsuit. 

Grammy and Uncle Kev came to the game and E still talks about it. E did not notch that second goal she needed to earn a trip to get ice cream but she did have a good time. R played with Uncle Kevin and really had fun at practice this season but with 5 (going on 6) yr old boys out there, Little Miss 2 Year Old would have likely gotten run over one too many times for her liking. 

Future 3 yr old Fire Ant though - we've already got her team name picked for the Spring : ) 

Grammy came over for lunch and we surveyed the logging damage - and that's how it remains… 

E and R collecting acorns to throw over where the trees were logged so more trees will grow

M enjoying the peace of the quiet house on her Bug. 

She is so so so funny to watch when she rides it!

Then it was rest time for M and R and I headed upstairs to tackle the clothes pile - that I had reorganized less than a month ago. 

Clothes that I pulled from the girls closets and drawers… Oh and you're probably wondering what's up with all the icons because it is totally normal to just seethe laying around a spare room? Our little mission church moved to a church that is well-established with a bunch of icons already so we did not need to bring our own - one day when we do have a place to call our own all these icons will go back to our church. In the mean time, there are some here and many stacked in the big room on the second floor.

Halloween costumes, birthday hats, clothes we have been generously given...

Clothes I had sorted out as fall/winter last time but never took downstairs because it didn't get cold.

An hour later...

Most everything put in the closet 

Or taken downstairs for the wearing...

New decoration for my office...

Naptime was wrapping up so I went to check on the outdoors-people… E is supervising the planting of Monday's plants : ) 

R again went for Smarties over any of the decent Halloween candy… I'll never understand!

M wants to know where her dessert is… See those eyebrows… Yep, she's mine  : ) 

Bath tub antics…. 

Headed to the laundry basket for next week's laundry run

One of my favorite scenes… Yes they are coordinating and E changed from wearing a pink nightgown to Hello Kitty because she could not bear R wearing Hello Kitty alone - I'm not kidding. Oh and they are reading that silly Hello Kitty book. I think I always am asked to ready Hello Kitty has a Sleepover. 

After books it is Bible. I forget how long we have been reading a chapter a night… But everyone must be present so when Papa goes to Bible Study or when he or I is out of town we skip that night so our progress is slow. We are currently in John (having started with Matthew)

You might even notice that dress hanging from the back of the chair… That's because tomorrow is Sunday which requires more than a bit of planning just to get out the door. 

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