Thursday, November 20, 2014

Semana en mi Vida - Domingo

Whew! Made it. Just barely though. Loading up pics from the phone to blogger via the blogger app takes awhile… 

Oh Sundays. Sundays are probably one of our more interesting days of the week (at least in the mornings) - as if you've been bored with Monday-Saturday. I think I've mentioned it before but with Church an hour away - okay maybe 55 minutes on a good morning (Friday afternoons forget it - we plan on about 1 hr 20 min), and Liturgy at 8:30 and Papa have deacon duties that require at least 30 minutes of prep we load everyone up in pajamas, pack breakfast and hope that we have everything else.

This is where we left off.. Clothes collected the night before = less of a chance of waking someone up as I tiptoe into their rooms at 6 am to grab clothes in the dark. Planning is good.

Diaconal duties at home too… 

Dresses, tights, shoes, bows, brush, extra clothes for everyone… 

Milk cups, yogurt in cooler bag and Cheerios are ready (courtesy of Papa)

The ride kinda goes like this… All is well (currently we are listening to The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe) 

Lee and I talk or just enjoy the peace… In this case the fall leaves

Then usually someone gets upset and starts crying about "it taking too long" or "Why is church so far away"

We power through to church and then fight over who needs to get out of the van first - lying, I wish

Everyone feasts on yogurt and Cheerios

And then I'm glad I never put them in church clothes until AFTER breakfast. Getting dressed at home and then eating at church would not end well...

Proof I was there...

Oh yes… Today was the day I was reminded that I really must do a better job packing clothes. One time before this, over the summer, I forgot both girls bike shorts that they wear under their summer dresses and skirts. I remembered when we were about 5 minutes away from the house. We were early so turning around was not a problem - and not worth the crisis, because there certainly would have been one. 

On this day however I did not realize there was a wardrobe malfunction (or two) in the works until we were getting dressed… Well I discovered that a 4 yr old can wear 6 month old socks when stretched. Seriously it was the first time that I forgotten something like that. Fortunately I keep a mountain of socks in M's bag because she doesn't actually keep them on but at least I can pretend she does. E was not overly happy about the situation but it was better baby socks than no socks. 

Now we move onto the second wardrobe malfunction. Please note the rolls and rolls and rolls of tights that M is sporting. Well that's because she's wearing R's tights. Sweet. See some mornings it is easier packing for them to match because then each on has their own set of clothes… Next time I'll be double checking tights sizes.

Also M loves playing with the checkbook. 

We survived the most trying 1.15 hours of my week. Seriously people, church can be hard. Without that second set of parental hands sometimes I have left church totally dejected like - why did we come? E cannot sit still or stand up, R is being 2 and cannot be reasoned with, and M is unhappy about her state in the Beco carrier. Also, M is moving into the 18-24 months stage (okay in a little bit) in which she demands complete reign of her mobility. 

Fortunately, recently we have been having mostly good weeks with the occasional trying child. I have found when E had a music stand and book and is set up in the front row with the choir people she does infinitely better and R does too because she sees E. M is content crawling on the dirty, dirty floor and I pray that she does not contract anything - but holding her the entire time is out of the question. People are rewarded with a donut (or half) depending on behavior. Bribery? No. We reward good behavior that's all - and you know what half the time it works!

Papa's afternoon perch…. because it's football season and he earned his keep : ) 

Everyone loves sitting with Papa...

He reads… ALOT. When we met he did not read like this. I don't think it was until he started studying to be a deacon that he really started reading like he does now.

Post nap snuggles : ) 

Soccer season may be over but we can still practice!

As if you did not think Lee was a rockstar already, how about fried chicken and 

green bean casserole and mashed potatoes for dinner! Yep he's the best...

After stories and prayers and twinkles it was time for bed… I finally mailed M's thank you notes yesterday