Saturday, November 19, 2011

Its that time again...

Sometime this weekend I knew we were going to run out of our Farmer's Market Yankee Candle.... so it was time to hit up Hallmark and use the neverending candle coupon and scout out a new scent. Must admit I was kind of disappointed with the options to tide us between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Harvest scent was okay - but not great. The Thanksgiving and the numerous Christmas themed scents really did not do too much for me either... maybe its the baby throwing off my nose.

So I ended up getting Vintage Berries. I did have to peel off the Merry Christmas on the label because clearly it is not Christmas yet.. we'll be giving that one a whirl within the next day or two.

Maybe once I get up to 25 followers and can make some $$$ with this blog I'll have enough funds to do a Yankee Candle giveaway each month. Long term goal but I think it would be fun!

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