Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Ultimate Family Car

There is much debate between Lee and I over what the best family car is - not that we need a car upgrade yet but I really don't want to be a minivan mom. Though I did learn how to drive on a sweet Dodge Caravan. I'm a planner so I think about these kinds of things, well, in advance of actually needing to.

Well the issue came up again on a FB thread of my friend's. She and her hubs and sweet baby boy were is a nasty car accident on 95 - thankfully everyone was okay but the car was not so I was forced to make my case for the ultimate family car to her. Though I don't think I was successful in convincing her that this car was the car she needed - yet - I am spreading the word about the awesomeness of the....

Sprinter!!! Yes people. Its a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter - formally a Dodge - Sprinter. Reasons why this car is well the best...

1. There is seating for 12 - 10 in the back with full seats with headrests. The fact that the conversion vans by Ford, Dodge, GMC etc etc seat 15 is great but they are only about 3/4 seats so its not particularly comfortable for normal sized people - which I can attest to from the soccer trips. Also, I imagine that not having the full headrests is not particularly safe in the case of accident but I really have not researched the issue.

Inside a Sprinter

Inside of a Ford Econoline. Though I am definitely a Ford fan. Thanks for not taking taxpayers money : ) which is why we own an Explorer and a Transit Connect!!!

2. There is enough head clearance so that an adult can stand in the back. Conversion vans you cannot do this. Also, I am not known for keeping the cleanest of cars but if you have multiple kids and with all of their stuff/food/sticker trash/life  - I imagine that a car can get really dirty fast so anything to make cleaning a car easier = better.

3. The extended model has an additional 2-3 ft of cargo room. we fill up our Explorer for a weekend trip with one child in a heartbeat. Pack and Play, stroller, clothes, toys - the works... Can you imagine how much stuff you can fit in 2-3 ft of storage??? I can't but I bet we would fill it really fast and get everything we needed in the van and not have to rent a UHaul trailer - though sometimes I think if we can stretch the Explorer out past baby #2 we might just have to.

4. The Sprinter is not a minivan. The Sprinter is so much more than a minivan!!! It is more sleek and slender and basically its amazing - and I have not even rode in one - let alone driven one.

SO anyone out there from Mercedes-Benz or whoever if you need me to give my full mami-fied workup on a Sprinter and want to donate to the Kibbe cause - let me know and I will forever plug the Sprinter and all its greatness


  1. Oh wow! I read the title of the post and my thought was, "duh, the Sprinter". Umm absolutely hilarious. We plan on getting a Sprinter after number 3 arrives and God-willing we are pregnant with number 4. My husband hates minivans, and really what is the point if they only seat five or six kids? You can only
    Keep it for a few years before you need something bigger! We have been researching the Sprinter for awhile and price, gas mileage, etc are awesome. Hopefully our families will be Sprintin' in style soon!
    Ps- you have no idea how this made me laugh!

  2. Seriously so glad that another mom out there can appreciate the Sprinter and all its greatness. We'll have to have a Sprinter party or gathering of families who drive Sprinters - maybe when J&C have a baby to be baptized we can meet then : )