Tuesday, November 22, 2011

12 Cookies of Christmas

I am all about establishing traditions and Christmas is certainly a time of year where lots of traditions can come into effect. Example - Godvia coins in our sockings at my parents house, they'll always be there.

Here are some traditions we'd like to establish this year so our kids will have special memories about them:

1. Coming home to a fully decked out tree. My plan this year is to have Lee bring the tree in on Christmas eve before he (and E) head to Raleigh-world for the plethora of church activities. I am hoping E can crash out at Grammy and Grandpa Joe's for quick night night while I get the house ready. Lights on the tree, ornaments, Nativity scene out those kinds of things : )

2. Christmas morning mama and papa are going to exchange gifts and E and baby #2 are going to exchanage gifts so parents to parents, kids to kids and have some variation thereof in future years. Then on Theophany/Epiphany/the 12th day of Christmas E will get her present(s) from us and get her stocking

3. A different Christmas cookie on each day of Christmas - hence the name of the post. I only have this year to get it right in terms of the 12 cookies to make so we need the most bestest Christmas cookie ideas. I always like the peanut butter cookies with the Hershey's kisses so that is a definite but I need 11 more ideas!!!


  1. Hey Joanne! I found this blog about a year ago and I'm OBSESSED. Her dinner recipes are usually what I go for but her cakes and cookies look amazing too (I did Irish Carbomb cupcakes last year for the office... instantly the favorite person in the building)



  2. I think I have your email address from Kate, so we can do a recipe exchange!

  3. I am alos thinking iced sugar cookies and gingerbreadmen too!!!