Monday, November 28, 2011

In the mail...

We have 50 million thousand magazines come to the house and the vast majority of them only see it to our recycling bin. There are a select few that I really really enjoy looking at.

1. PBK - clearly. I have talked about Pottery Barn Kids before but I really like there stuff. The prices are generally high but the product quality is excellent. Nothing came of the PBK photo contest so E will likely end up with the a chair and not a kitchen... Another set of Dr. Seuss crib bumper and quilt will likely be in order for baby #2. (Read something the other day about how the recommendation is now to not use bumpers???)

2. Hanna Andersson - I'd pretty much take one of everything is that magazine. Again can be pricey if you don't get a sale - but St. Nicholas got free shipping on a Hanna order and that saved about 11% on top of the discounts. Also, if you have a little girl please don't waste another dollar on nylon tights. Get the Hanna 'loose' tights and save yourself the trouble. Yes they are $18 - you can get them for about $14 during a sale but E has some of her cousins and they are perfectly great and don't fuzz up or run.


  1. supposedly you're not supposed to use bumpers because it increases the likelihood that they'll get stuck up against them and suffocate - but pretty much every bedding set i've seen come with them! so my plan is to have the bumpers in the crib until little one is starting to be mobile, then take it out until they're old enough to resituate themselves in their sleep without waking up

  2. We have used bumpers with E without any problems for 18+ months so we'll probably use them again!