Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our Fam... aka how we survive

Okay so maybe that is a little dramatic but E is totally wearing off on me these days and her drama-fied self is now flowing onto the blog : ) Not so secretly hoping baby #2 is a boy so there will be less drama over, well pretty much everything, but this week I'm thinking/feeling like this baby is a girl! Back to my point...

E and Uncle Kev! Need I say more???

Lee and I have been very blessed to have our families and friends - which many of them totally count as family - close by... well its not like either of us moved particularly far away from them so maybe its our own doing but our lives/jobs and families are in NC (minus some special ones in SC - but still in the Carolinas region so it totally counts).
E with her Papi and Jibbe on her b-day horsey

Our lives are hectic and whose aren't but it is so nice to have family around you can depend on and let me just tell you about some of the these great people. I'll try and do a post dedicated to someone or someones every week or so - in no particular order. Maybe that is a little ambitious but I'll give it a whirl.

Grammy, E and me Marti Gras 2011 - secretly very excited about our Marti Gras 2012 pic!

Side note, I am horribly embarrassed that these are some of the only extended fam pics that I have posted on the blog. So this series of posts should help remedy that situation!

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