Monday, November 21, 2011

Mums and Slugs???

Since when do mums and slugs mix? I'll spare you the picture that we came home to the other night. But really Lee discovered the culprit that is killing my mums. Well not even all my mums just my red mums. E and I ventured out about a month ago to get into the fall season and got 2 dark red mums and 2 yellow mums. We have had fun watering them every other day and E waves bye to them occasionally when we leave for work.

For the past several weeks the red mums have been looking a bit rough but we attributed this to more sun on that side of the stoop. Definitely not that - about four or five slugs were lined up encircling my red mums ready to strike. It was Sunday and I figured St. Francis would not be thrilled if I viciously threw salt on those slugs so I let them be - well actually it was 2.5 degrees outside and I really don't expect the mums to make it much longer so here's to nature.

I have a really creepy slug story from my days in Guatemala involving the trail slugs leave and my shoes but you'll have to read my book to find out the details...

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