Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Less is soooo More!

A friend of mine and I had this revelation a while ago and I have not really had time to expand on it. Should also mention this was back probably in April when E and B were not walkers and getting-into-ers like they are now so - NOW more than ever do I believe this.

Less is so more. Can be applied to most anything like have a busy schedule or stress but I'll just focus in on the obvious - the things around the house that babies/toddlers can get into. We are really going to learn our lesson on this one in the next several weeks.

1. Massive 10-ft Christmas Tree - I love that we have high ceilings in our entrance/living room because it is a great excuse to get a huge tree. Since we always get our tree the Sunday before Christmas we can snag a big one for pretty cheap. Though I was slightly disappointed in my pick last year there was a hole that did not 'fall out' like it should have. Anyways, this will require moving Lee's picture table (yes all of them are his pictures) somewhere. Last year we moved it into our room but now the bar table is in there...

2. E is getting bigger so that means bigger toys? - Well not exactly but I do know that she is going to be getting some larger items for Christmas so we will need room for those. Lee has committed to moving his 7 ft DVD rack into storage - though it might end up at his mom's because she already has one and could possibly use another. He will then be unloading some of his books from the two 8 ft bookshelves to make room for the DVDs. Note I have a handful of books compared to the number he has out and this does not even include all the Church books he has in the Chapel (4 5ft shelves stacked and packed in there!!!) The DVDs are definitely pretty much all his too. He is a reader and a movie guru whereas I, well, am I : )

3. In the not so distance future t-minus 11 weeks/ 77 days (say what!) new baby will be here!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting more excited and more nervous the more I think about it. Anyways, he/she will need a crib in our room for the first few months which means that the bar table/hutch will need to go out into the entrance/living room thus the picture table will have to take a permanent hike from our house. We'll probably put the pics on the bar table...

Not really sure of any other better way to do all this rearranging but I figure the less things you have to move around the easier life is, right? Now all we need to do is find another crib!!!

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