Thursday, November 17, 2011

Ramifications of the EPIC FAIL!!!

I am sitting here is bed at 6 am the day of the three hour glucose test - now more annoyed than ever that I have to take it. Baby #2 is protesting the test because we both are intensely hungry!!! Hello! What is wrong with these doctors telling women who are 28 weeks preggo to not eat for nearly 12 hours. I stopped eating last night around 7:30 just to get my blood sugar good and low for this morning and we have been paying the price! I've been up since 5 because I am super hungry and now I won't be able to eat anything until about 11:30 this morning - at best.

I guess the only good thing that I have to look forward to is the general amusement that I get by sitting in my doctors waiting room and the fact that I will have about 3 hours to work on E's Christmas stocking - which I think - fingers crossed - should be done before Christmas. I need to do a post on it and you can see the progress. About 10 minutes of back stitching on part 2 of 3 then its on to the final frontier - I mean final third.

Cheers to that nasty orange drink!

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