Friday, November 11, 2011

Well if Mami can't save you, at least the mums will!

Well little E had her first taste of falling down the stairs yesterday. I usually let her climb the front steps of our house - there are 5 - and she has practice on the 21 stairs at Grammy's house and the 20+ stairs at one job so she has gotten to be quite the climber. She is very careful when she climbs too and I am careful to be behind her. Coming down she has some practicing to do and recently I've been carrying her down the stairs even though she loves to 'step-down' herself because I am afraid she will send herself, me and baby #2 to the hospital with her flailing steps.

So yesterday we were coming in from our walk - thankful for a nice weather afternoon so we could get our sand playing and 1-mile walking in. E made it all the way up the stairs as usual so I went to unlock the door and in slow motion before my eyes - E somehow starting falling backwards, head over heels, down the stairs, crashing into the mums! Hmmm... that did not how I expect to see my little E fall down the stairs. I mean I knew it would happen eventually but I thought everything would happen really, really fast and there would be loud banging and screaming and blood and tears and the works!

Minor damage to the fall catcher!

I ran down and scooped little E up who was screaming and in tears, though not in pain just really frightened! We went inside got the cup and the Nini and rock-rocked for 2.5 seconds and she was over it.

Glad I had the mums... I need to figure out my winter, spring and summer cushions on the front steps in case of any future tumbles.

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