Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy 7 Quick Takes Edition

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What a week!?!?! Respirar profundamente. Ahhhh. Friday. I have so much to say and only 6 more points to make.
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So who's up for bets on the Papal Bracketology??? The chair is empty. Yep... We currently do not have a Pope. I still have vivid memories of JP2's final days and the sadness that I felt and the Church felt without having a fearless leader. With Benedict retiring the thoughts/feelings surrounding his departure into retirement / 'jubilation' - as it is better translated from Spanish - is so different. He gave us a few weeks to warm up to the idea. Don't get me wrong it was SHOCKING that morning reading the news reports. But there is not an extreme sadness as with JP2. When I went to World Youth Day 2005 in Germany I did get to see Pope Benedict and I am grateful for that experience. It is interesting that Catholic and non-Catholics are so wrapped up in the Pope's retirement. Everyone has an opinion who they think would be a good Pope and what he should do. Jesus picked the first Pope - Peter - and I know this Pope is human and will not be perfect just as Peter wasn't. I mean heck he denied Christ three times! My hope/prayer is that the next Pope is faithful, compassionate and strong - and friendly to Eastern Catholics - especially to those of us not living in Eastern Europe. PS... we could really use a episcopal appointment (ahem) Eparchy of Parma (ahem) so next Pope - let's get on that please? So ready for the white smoke at the conclave. So glad I am a woman and could not be elected Pope because being the spiritual leader of 1.2 BILLION people is an incredibly massive cross to carry.

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Speaking of carrying a cross... I am reading The Imitation of Christ and I am in a part that talks about the need to carry ones cross and to willingly and joyfully live through the suffering and joys of life. Well that's alot easier written then practiced. Enter my amigas de la oficina who help me to vent/understand the EXTREME importance of patience. So Wednesday was a ROUGH day. Let's just say I like to keep my expectation high and I can get frustrated easily. After a little heart to heart, coupled with the book I am reading I am trying to take a more laissez faire approach with some of my more stress-inducing situations. Today I allotted an additional 10 minutes to our prayer time and took my laissez faire approach and bam! Less stressed me, happier me, happier kids, leaving the house 5 minutes earlier- even happier me!

--- 4 ---
Ahhh yes... now into the not so heavy quick takes. How about the Downton Abbey finale. Lee convinced me to watch it over the weekend. A. Really? That is how you kill him off? Are you kidding? B. How completely horrible for the family? C. Dan Stevens WHY??? You were the only one who was likable in that family and you did not re-sign your contract.... F. A. I. L. Well Lee was glad to see him go because he thought DS was not the best of actors but Lee did think the death and the circumstances surrounding it a bit cruel.

--- 5 ---
Now now, last week I posted about Presanctified Liturgy which was dreadful for all parties involved. Well Friday we headed to our 'local RC' (Roman Catholic, thanks Mark for that one : ) for the Fish Fry and Stations. We got there entirely too early thanks to me so we killed some time in the church basement post-eating. I staked us out in the back pew. I knew we would last a station or two. E was interested in the kneeling and the book and the hymnal and the new Norms page. R was... loud. Per the usual. So it was out to the Narthex to sit and entertain. We could still hear/read along with/pray the rest of the stations. Though E announced she "Don't want to pray" and pouted in a corner - come on godparents there is you update. She did go back in for a station or two with Ms Barbara but it lasted all of five seconds. Otherwise it was one of the more prayerful experiences I have had in a church building in a while. So we are going for round numero dos tomorrow.

--- 6 ---
On another Lenten note, E has been asking about Pascha (Easter) already so we are trying to explain that Lent is when we get ready for Lent. It is difficult to explain fasting periods to kids because well they are not bound to fasting rules and E does not think about meat vs no-meat yet. I think next year we'll probably do no sweets or something more tangible food wise.. Prayer wise, she knows Stations and we started saying the Prayer of St. Ephraim at night (which we'll only say during Lent) It goes like this for those who are interested

Lord and Master of my life spare me from the spirit of indifference, despair, lust for power and idle chatter
Instead, bestow on me your servant the spirit of integrity, humility, patience and love
Yes O Lord and King, let me see my own sins and not judge my brothers and sisters for you are Blessed unto ages of ages, Amen

Pretty sweet prayer, no?
--- 7 ---
R has been a crazy girl these past few days. She has totally taken to walking - assisted - though this morning she SCREAMED the entire way up and back taking E to her room. She loves standing at the toy box and picking out things she wants to play with. Oh and of recent in the tub she has a knack for filling up a cup and drinking the water. That's an awesome trick until big sis soaps up the water with three different kinds of soap!

Fun with flower pots

WATER! / Drowning myself in icky bath water : ) 

Happy Friday! Happy March! Happy Lent! Happy first day of Pope Emeritus Jubilation! Happy Day!

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