Monday, March 4, 2013

Cross Stitch Stocking Update

DONE... Now about this backing and cording and insanely complicated stuff involving a sewing machine....

Cross stitch stocking - Candy Nutcracker


  1. That's really sweet!
    Excuse the pun. :D

  2. That is sooo beautiful! why to go! My mom has cross stiched a stocking for all of us kids and their spouses. She appliqued the grandkids because it took so much time to cross stitch. It is such a special time when she hangs them all up at Thanksgiving. It will be such a great memory for your kiddos. Maybe I should do that!

    1. They are time consuming to say the very least. I was stuck on R's FOREVER. I really thought it would be done by Christmas and then it wasn't... On to the next one for Papa. I am hoping/thinking that it will be less complicated then the girls stockings. I have also been charged with getting our wedding album together by November (our 5th anniversary) - so I have two crafty projects and one very un-crafty mom : )