Monday, March 11, 2013

15 minute detour

Oh Monday!!! You were a bear today... Today started off so promising. We got done with breakfast, got dressed, brushed teeth and hair and prayed all in time - to leave at the appointed timely time. Then WAMMO...

E supposed to be putting her shoes now and instead is playing with her umbrella banging the umbrella on the frig then I notice my theory posted yesterday about R only going stink on the potty is not true. My attempts to get her to the potty on time were failed and as I was reclosing the diaper to get her a change I get some stinky on me (not my clothes - thank the Lord). Then she has no diapers in the basket so I have to grab her and get one from her bag that is right at the door packed and ready to go. As I am thoroughly wiping (thanks alot blueberries) R does something that she NEVER has done.... She pees on the bed where I am changing her. No I don't use a changing table and the changing pad I use is just one of those hospital wraps - though I am seriously reconsidering. In the background mind you is E "ewww" "R made a stinky!" "Your supposed to do that on the potty R" "What's happening now" Fortunately no clothes were victim to the diaper changing event! Sweet - score one for Mama...

E bangs she umbrella on the walls and I threaten umbrella privilege loss. Minor crisis over coat color. Major crisis over umbrella because I tell E she cannot take it outside. Once or twice is cute. We are not habitually using the umbrella on sunny days even if you tell me it protects you from the sun! How old are you anyways???

Pulling out of the driveways at the time we should be pulling into the school parking lot and getting our spot. Today with our tardiness came our spot being taken. Gasp! Tears! Cries! E is sad and I get her out of the car and the mama who was in the spot is coming up the hill... Yes I park 10000 miles away so I can A. get the kids out and not worry about 5000000 cars and B. Because I prefer having the same spot. I get R out and the car in our spot is gone and E runs over and starts shouting about our spot. I insist we are not moving and we need to get to school.

Get girls signed in at the time I should be walking into work.

Oh Mondays you are complicated.

Everything else has been totally normal today so IDK what the deal was this morning...

I picked E and R up and R gave me this super big smile and E sang the Zacchaeus song before we left school. I may or may not have teared up. Oh my goodness she is soooo cute!!!!!

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